From Sweet Southern Style To City Chic: STYLECASTER MAKEOVER

From Sweet Southern Style To City Chic: STYLECASTER MAKEOVER
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Perhaps the most common motivation for wanting a makeover is simply wanting to look your age, and this during a time when no one ever seems to align with their respective demographic. We’ve all paid witness to the middle age mothers wearing low slung jeans to appear “hip” versus their daughters slathering on makeup at the Taylor Momsen level to appear “sexy.” Taylor Droddy, a sweet Texan transplanted to New York, was one such makeover candidate who wanted to be elevated to her age group. Alas, StyleCaster called upon our friends at H&M, the stylists of ARROJO salon and makeup artist Ryan B. Anthony to help Taylor find the happy medium for her age and style.

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Clothing at H&M. Taylor's personal style was jokingly, self-described as, "Simple, classic? Boring-ish?" Well, there's certainly nothing wrong with being simple and StyleCaster's Creative Director Emily Finkbinder picked an outfit for Taylor that played up the simple and classic without ever feeling boring.

Finkbinder selected a 60s worthy dress from the H&M showroom for Taylor. "I put Taylor in a classic shift dress with retro wide stripes. The color feels younger but the shape is more mature for her," expands Finkbinder.

For all the pieces Taylor tried on at H&M, the shapes were timeless cuts and silhouettes but felt more contemporary in their fabrication and color-ways. Moreover, adding more warm colors to Taylor's outfit along made her blue eyes pop more.

Hair at ARROJO Salon. It is arguably Taylor's super sweet haircut that skewed her appearance and age. However, her endearing haircut added to her sweet personality so the hair stylists and colorists of ARROJO Salon wanted to give Taylor just the right amount of edge without compromising her individual style.

Top ARROJO stylist Carmel explains, "I basically wanted to make her more feminine and more adultÂ… I did a reverse face frame with the razor so it gives her the softness." Moreover, Carmel lightened the weight of Taylor's bangs to age her haircut a little.

To top off Taylor's hair makeover, ARROJO colorist Jenna coated Taylor's hair with a demi-permanent color to give her hair a lot of shine and deepen Taylor's hair color. She adds, "With how she has more of the straight across bang, having that darker color there is actually going to make her eyes pop a lot more."

Makeup with Ryan B. Anthony. Unquestionably the greatest benefit of Taylor appearing younger is that she has incredibly clear skin. Lucky Taylor is able to step out of the house with a few swipes of blush and mascara.

"Obviously the first thing that I wanted to focus on for Taylor were her big eyes," laughs makeup artist Ryan B. Anthony. Anthony in turn let Taylor's natural features and skin shine through and played up her eyes by with liner and extra mascara to enhance her saucer eyes.

The Final Result. So how does Taylor feel about her makeover? "So fancy!" jokes Taylor. The complete look is classic and simple but far away from boring and most importantly made Taylor look age appropriate. Sometimes growing up isn't so badÂ…

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