From Chictopia to Polyvore: The Best Online Fashion Communities

Kristen Bousquet
From Chictopia to Polyvore: The Best Online Fashion Communities
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Whether you’re an aspiring style blogger or just a die-hard fashion lover, sometimes the best place to get inspired or help your site gain exposure is through the many fashion communities that exist online.

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From sites that are all about personal style like Chictopia and Lookbook to creative communities like Polyvore, it’s nice to know that there are thousands of people to interact with, get inspired by, and generally geek out with over all things fashion.

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Here, we outline some of the best—and easiest—online fashion communities for you to join now!

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How it works: Create an account and you're on your way to creating some seriously cool outfits (or "sets" as Polyvore calls them) using thousands of still-life product images from online retailers around the world. When you're done, you can embed sets that you create to your own blog, Tumblr, and social media platforms, or you simply share it with other Polyvore users (who can "like it.) The best added bonus? You can also shop directly from the site.


How it works: When you visit the sign up page, you can either choose to be a "Style Creator" or an "Inspiration Finder". A "Style Creator" is someone who has looks that they want to share with others. An "Inspiration Finder" is someone who's scouring the web for all the latest trends to incorporate into their wardrobes. You'll be able to stay on track with all the latest trends for the season and see ways that other fashionistas incorporated them into their wardrobe then take notes! 


How it works: Lookbook is the ultimate source for visual fashion lovers. The site is full of amazing fashion photography posted by fashion bloggers worldwide. If you like an image, you can click on it and be brought to the blogger's page where you can view their social media platforms and blogs to follow them! You can "hype" their looks on Facebook to let them know you like it. If you're a blogger yourself, you can also post looks onto Lookbook for other people to "hype".

This is a great way to show your outfits to the world! If you like something that another blogger is wearing, you can click on it and be brought to the website to purchase the item!


How it works: Once you sign up for a Chictopia account, you can start posting your own outfit photos right then and there! You can like other people's outfits and see where they purchased them as well.

There is also a "community" section on the site where users can view and participate in a forum, see reviews from other users and also read Chictopia's blog.

You'll also earn points for everytime you do something like invite a friend to sign up or even logon for the day. Once you collect enough points, you can redeem them for real products!

Independent Fashion Bloggers

How it works: This is the ultimate tool for any fashion girl who's a blogger or is interested in starting a blog. You'll be able to converse with other bloggers and hear their tips and tricks and also network with other users. 

IFB also has a blog with sections like "Fashion News", "Blogging Tips", "Tech Tips", and "Business of Blogging" for those who need a little help starting or expanding their blog.

ASOS Fashion Finder

How it works: "Create, share, shop" is what ASOS Fashion Finder is all about. You'll be able to sign up for the site, create sets using some of your favorite ASOS items or upload a photo of your own outfit then you can check out some of the other users' looks to shop the items that you love.

Lucky Community

How it works: If you are a fashion blogger, this is a great tool for you to gain more exposure. You will visit and link your blog with the Lucky Community so that you can submit your posts that go live on your blog to the community to be posted there.

If you aren't a fashion blogger, this is still an amazing place for inspiration. You'll get to see a feed of tons of cool bloggers and all the looks that they've recently posted on their blog for some seriously chic outfit inspo.

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