Friendsy Is the Dating App That College Students Are Obsessed With

friendsy dating app

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Friendsy is a new dating app that you’re about to hear every single college student talking about. It connects students with potential friends or romantic partners, and since starting at Princeton in spring 2013, has launched nationwide this month with 45,000 users.

Like Tinder, Friendsy allows users to swipe through profiles, and swipe left to reject someone. Unlike Tinder however, users have to select whether they’re looking for friendship, a date, or someone to hook up with–and you’ll be matched with someone looking for the same thing. Also, you need a .edu email address to signup, limiting the service to college students only. Sounds a lot like vintage Facebook, right?

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Other nifty features include the ability to filter potential matches by school, gender, year, major, or group, and to choose whether you want to be visible only on your campus, or on other campuses too.

There’s also a “hint” option, where users can give hints to people they want to connect with to up their chances of getting matched. These alerts could be vague (like, “someone from your school wants to go on a date”) or could include specifics like the potential match’s major and expected graduation year. Add to that a messenger function called ChitChat– that connects students with other random users who are online to chat–and you’ve got yourself an addictive new mobile app.

College students are already big users of Tinder, but it sounds like the dating app might have to watch its back with this new service. We feel some competition coming on that hasn’t been seen since Facebook started dominating MySpace.

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