The 50 Types of Friends Every Woman Has

We all know that women differ from men in plenty of ways, but one of the most prominent is that while dudes often have two or three types of buddies, women have many different kinds of friends—which can be a total blessing and a bit of a curse, as well. Friendships take work, and sometimes that work can be a bit difficult when it comes to certain types of friends.

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That said, our editors put their heads together and came up with 50 types of friends that every woman has. From The Copycat (she who’s always buying the exact same stuff as you) to The Counselor (that rare breed who always gives you the absolute best advice) and everyone in between, these are the ladies in our lives who we love, hate, and love to hate. Check out our full list below!


1. The Underminer.
This is the so-called friend who goes out of her way to undermine everything you say and do. Whether it’s something as seemingly innocent as a verbal jab every time something good happens to you, or as overt as subtly sabotaging awesome opportunities that come up (i.e., planning her birthday dinner the same night she knew you had a very promising date), this is one friend you’re probably better off not depending on.

2. The Penelope.
If you watch “Saturday Night Live,” you’ll know what we mean: The character so brilliantly played by Kristen Wiig who relentlessly has to one-up everyone around her. You got a raise? Hers was bigger. You got asked out by a cute guy? She already hooked up with him and he was “obsessed” with her. You’re excited about your cute new $80 bag from Zara? That’s nothing compared to her new freaking Céline. Psyched about your trip to Paris? Her dad just bought her the Eiffel Tower. Okay, that’s a stretch, but you know the type.

3. The Copycat.
Having similar tastes often makes a friendship go ’round, but there’s always that one friend that takes it a step further and straight-up copies the exact items you buy. If you spend a lot of time together, this can get highly irritating and awkward—two twentysomethings in matching outfits is not cute.

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4. The Ride or Die Friend.
This is the friend in your life who’s always there when the going gets tough—with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s or a bottle of wine to help you through. She’s also the friend who will wholeheartedly agree with you that the guy who dumped you is a gigantic loser, your boss is totally unreasonable, or that huge fight you had with your sister was totally all her fault.

5. The Party Girl.
You fluctuate between wanting to rage with her on Thursday nights and wanting to check her into rehab, this type of friend is fun for a bit, but a small dose goes a long way.

6. The College Friend.
The friend who was your absolute bestie in college, but from whom you’ve grown apart. Whenever you are together though, you indulge in some serious nostalgia (read: Jaeger bombs), have the best time, and wonder why you guys don’t see each other more.

7. The Narcissist.
“Me me me” should be her nickname, as this type of friend always has to be at the center of every conversation—and be the center of attention. She turns every single conversation you have into an excuse to talk about herself, yet rarely asks how you’re doing. She often means no harm, but it’s still totally irksome.

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8. The Boy-Crazy One.
Speaking of which, this is the type of friend every woman has who won’t stop obsessing about finding a boyfriend, meeting cute guys, or hooking up. She often plans outfits, nights out, and sometimes her entire social life around finding a male to partner up with.

9. The Anti-Man Friend.
Standing in opposition to the boy-crazy one is the anti-man friend. This is the girl who generally shows no interest in meeting someone or hooking up, and gets annoyed if guys start talking to you while you’re out with her. That’s her prerogative, but if you’re trying to find a wing-woman, this ain’t your gal.

10. The Pseudo-Intellectual.
This is your friend who only drinks Kombucha, carries around David Foster Wallace hardcovers, and would never buy something that wasn’t locally crafted. And if you suggest an activity that doesn’t fit in with her so-called cultural ideals—a Britney concert for example, or a (gasp!) “Bachelor” marathon—forget it, she definitely won’t admit to wanting to participate. It’s probably a phase, don’t worry.

11. The Butterfly.
This is the friend whose social skills you greatly admire—the one who’s perfectly comfortable going to a party alone, and can strike up a conversation with anyone about anything. This is a great friend to learn from, although going out with her could mean alone time for you.

12. The Flake.
Many of us know this type of friend all too well. You make plans, and she’s always either insanely late, or she totally bails. She cannot be counted on. Ever. End of story.

13. The Perfect One.
Nothing bad ever happens to this one—she’s happily engaged or married, has every It bag as they come out, lives in a real apartment, has a great family life and career, and pulls in loads of money. You’d hate her if she wasn’t so damn nice!

14. The Naysayer.
This is your friend who always interjects with “I disagree…” or always finds the negative in any situation. The girl you bring to a party that you were looking forward to and she complains that the drinks are warm, the food is gross, the crowd is lame, and pretty much everything else, effectively killing the buzz for everyone around her. Also known as the Debbie Downer.

15. The Counselor.
A friend who you go to when you need really solid advice. While most of the time it’s welcomed, The Counselor also has a tendency to dole out her wisdom even when you don’t ask for it.

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16. The Whiner.
This is the girl who does nothing but whine about work, her boyfriend, her body, or her parents. Even when you call her out on her whining, she just can’t help herself; this is just who she is. Different than the naysayer, this girl’s complaints are mostly about herself and her life, but it’s still totally annoying.

17. The Clingy One.
This is the type of friend who cannot be left alone—ever. Whether you’re out at a bar, at a friend’s birthday dinner, or at any social outing, she’s always up your you-know-what. Take it as a compliment—she obviously feels comfortable with you and admires your social skills—but you may have to start being more selective about what events you guys go to together.

18. The Birthday Queen.
We all have that friend who—no matter what age she’s turning—organizes a birthday party for herself and expects her girlfriends to pay. This can get annoying because (a.) you rarely never get any food or drinks, and always end up spending a ton, and (b.) once we hit a certain age, it’s time to start treating if we want everyone to gather for our birthdays.

19. The Shopping Buddy.
Shopping with others can be an epic annoyance, but this friend is totally on your retail wavelength—she likes the same types of stores, isn’t on your tail the whole time, and isn’t ready to leave in four minutes flat.

20. The Zen One.
This is the friend you go to when you’re having a panic attack or freaking out about pretty much anything in your life, and her mere presence calms you down, and makes everything seem like it’s not so bad. Also known as: A total gem.

21. The Guilt-Tripper.
She makes you feel bad every time you have to cancel plans or can’t make it to a gathering. Meanwhile, she often forgets about your birthday, or to ask about what’s new in your life.

22. The Gossip.
This is the friend for whom “don’t say anything” means “tell everyone you know.” She lives for gossip, and often trash-talks people you both know. While  most of it’s probably harmless, you kind of have to wonder what she says about you when you’re not around.

23. The Chronic Interrupter.
This friend was absent from etiquette school the day interrupting was covered. Better at talking than she is at listening, she always yaks over you before you finish your complete thought, and you know that when you’re talking, she’s already mentally thinking about what she’s going to say next. Clearly, her thoughts are just that much more important than yours.

24. The “I’m Broke” One.
She always wants to hang out, but everything you suggest is “too expensive.” She’s also the one who—when you go out for dinner or drinks—wants to split every single thing you order down to the cent, tip the absolute minimum, and never agrees to take a cab—even in freezing temperatures. If you enjoy her company when money’s not involved, make it a point to do free or cheap things, like grabbing coffee, going to a museum, or meeting up in the park on a nice day.

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25. The Slightly Deluded Friend.
This gal legitimately thinks she’s the hottest girl in the room, thinks every girl is jealous of her, and claims she attracts guys like a magnet—yet she can never seem to nail down a boyfriend.

26. The Real Bridezilla.
There are bridezillas, and then there are bridezillas. You know, the friend who dictates every single detail about what you’re allowed to wear to her wedding, down to the nail polish color and hairstyle. As if your stupid messy bun is going to make any impact on her wedding day.

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27. The Over-Planner.
This is that one type of friend who often can’t go with the flow, and treats hanging out like a business meeting, down to the exact minute you meet up. God forbid you’re late or have to cancel.

28. The Acquaintance.
“Wow, hey! So good to see you, let’s grab a drink soon!” Never gonna happen.

29. The Old-Money Friend.
This is the girl in your group who’s always been rich, so she has no idea what it’s like to not have free-flowing money—and all the finer things that come along with it. She can often be heard bemoaning the fact that it’s so hard to find a good bag under $2,000, or that it rained the whole month she was in Saint Barths. This friend likely means no harm, she’s just not 100% grounded.

30. The Childhood Best Friend.
This is your oldest friend. You may or may not still be close to her, but no matter what, she can play the “I’m your oldest friend” card, and she’ll be right. This can work to your advantage or against it, depending on the situation, but the fact that you share so much history with one person is pretty priceless.

31. The Girl You Can’t Shake.
This is the friend from whom you’ve made multiple attempts to break away—maybe she’s annoying, maybe she’s self-involved, or maybe she’s a bragger—but you just can’t seem to rid yourself of her completely. She always finds some way to lure you back, often because her endearing qualities overshadow her negative ones.

32. The Girl You Can’t Say ‘No’ To.
She always manages to convince you to do things for her that you’d rather not do. Whether it’s being her wing-woman at the douchiest bar in town, or seeing a movie you so don’t want to see, this friend wields some kind of invisible, unstoppable power over you that you just can’t resist.

33. The Compliment Fisher. 
Let’s be real: We all do it occasionally, but there’s always that one friend that fishes for compliments like it’s her job. Whether she’s moaning about how much weight she’s gained (none), how gross her hair looks (shiny and gorgeous) or how clingy her boyfriend is (he’s hopelessly in love with her), this girl always claims to think she’s having a really bad go of things, but she secretly knows it’s not so bad—she just wants you to say it.

34. The Wine Snob.
She swirls, sniffs, and sends back, often making a bit of a scene in front of waiters and waitresses, claiming to know the difference between every type of wine of the menu. She also insits on doing the ordering, which means she often  orders a $150 bottle for you to split whenever you go out.

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35. The Food Snob.
She and the wine snob could be one and the same, or they could be two separate friends. Whenever you make plans to get dinner with this girl, she consistently suggests restaurants whose menus are packed with foodie things (“the bone marrow is insane here!” or extravagantly pricey things (“let’s do with ten-course chef’s tasting menu—with wine pairings!”) Want a greasy burger and cheap beers after work? She’s not your gal.

36. The Chronic Instagrammer/Tweeter/Facebooker/Texter.
Also know as the friend who never listens because she’s too busy proving to the virtual world world that you guys are actually hanging out. #Annoying.

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37. The Too-Insecure Friend.
This is your friend who constantly needs to be reminded how cute or cool she is. She often lets her lack of belief in herself negatively impact her social life, either commonly rejecting offers to come out, or being the girl at the party who gets way too drunk and dances on the table. It can go either way, really.

38. The ‘Can We Stay Downtown/Uptown/In My Town’ Friend.
This kind of friend who will only participate in social activities with you if they are within inches from her house or office. If she has to travel to another neighborhood, borough, or town, she just won’t go.

39. The Work BFF.
There are two types of work BFFs: The one that you’re tight with at work and at work only, and the one with whom you establish a real friendship and remain tight with long after you both leave the company. Both are great friends to have!

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40. The Mom.
We all have that one friend who’s always been the mom of the group—the one who acted 40 years old at 20, and the one who playfully scolds you for staying out too late, partying too much, or choosing the wrong guys. She may or may not have kids who she loves to post pics of on Facebook, while you’re still posting nights out.

41. The Hag.
This is your friend who exclusively—aside from you, of course!—hangs out with gay men. She might regularly march in gay pride parades, be present at any major Broadway play opening, or even be in the chorus herself. The upside: You always meet awesome new people when you’re with her. The downside: She may be blinded by the ‘gay’ factor and not see glaring personality flaws.

42. The Oversharer.
This is the girl who tells you way too much about her private life. Whether she’s dishing loudly and openly about her most recent sexual encounter or talking at length about her most notable bowel movement (true story), this girl has no boundaries and no filter. When you’re around her, you feel like Audrey Hepburn in comparison—such a lady.

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43. The Delicate Flower.
This is your friend who cries at literally everything. She cried during “Mean Girls,” when Regina got hit by the bus. She’ll cry if she loses a sock at the laundromat, or if you look at her the wrong way. And if she ever gets broken up with—forget it.

44. The Silent Non-Asker.
This is the friend who never once asked about your new job, your new boyfriend, or your trip to London. Like, never once brought it up. This could be rooted in envy, but it’s still a social faux-pas.

45. The Selfie Queen.
Everyone has that one friend who, when you go out at night, the first, second, and last thing on her agenda is to take selfies with everyone. She never goes home from a night out without at least 5-10 Instagram pics of her, in various forms of duck face, with each and every person she hung out with.

46. The Politics-Religion-Money Friend. 
You know how they say to never talk about these three things in social situations? She—without fail—brings them up, often gets on her soapbox, and kills the fun every time.

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47. The Faux Friend.
This is your friend who is, essentially, not a friend at all. She’s cool to your face, but you also know for a fact that she says nasty things behind your back and generally can’t be counted on as a truly loyal friend.

48. The Saint.
This is the friend in your group who never does anything that might break her moral code. She probably has never smoked a cigarette, never done an illicit drug, never been sexually active too soon in a relationship, and things of that nature. She’s sweet, but you feel like you can’t open up to her because, let’s be honest, she’s going to judge you.

49. The Fair-Weather Friend.
Unlike the Ride or Die friend, this is your girl who only seems to be around when the going is super-sunny and awesome. For example, if you start a shiny new job that gives you a little bit of cred in certain social circles, she’ll be blowing up your phone. She loves any perks you have to offer, but as soon as you’re down, she’s  M.I.A.

50. The Flesh-and-Blood BFF.
Let’s face it: Sometimes there’s nothing better than hanging out with your parents, your sibling, or your cousins—and if you’re lucky enough to consider them a best friend, all the others will fall into place.