Friday Video Roundup: Lady Gaga + Freedom Fighters


Congratulations. Whether you’re in The Big Apple or a Plain State, you’ve made it to Friday and survived another week of apocalyptic weather (Hello, snow in Texas?). Now sit back and kill your last fifteen minutes for The Man perusing some highlights from the Internet.

Yes, the revolution will be televised, and Facebooked and tweeted.What’s more stylish that the end of a dictatorship?
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View from above. We are not alone. An un-contacted tribe, aka “the last free people on the planet” are filmed for the first time by the BBC in a desperate attempt to get the Peruvian government to acknowledge their existence. Bonus points for voice-over by Gillian Anderson, epic camera work and red body paint. Learn how you can help here.

Don’t be a drag, be a queen. Lady Gaga releases her new single, Born This Way, a dance anthem that borrows so heavily from Express Yourself that Gaga herself calls it an “immaculate conception.” Great play on words, Gaga, and great song.

Luke, I am your cuter younger brother with our father’s likeness. The cuteness that is Mini Vader continues to win hearts and laughs with this behind-the-scenes glimpse at outtakes and the surprising range of this young man’s acting prowess.

Sign of the times: our frugal Camelot. Michelle Obama insists that Barry is not vain while she sits there in a cute-as-can-be $35 H&M dress and kitten heels. The sum of small media wins = a 2nd term?