French Style: Maje Works It For Spring 2011

Kerry Pieri
French Style: Maje Works It For Spring 2011
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Vanessa Traina is the face of the Fall/Winter campaigns and the pieces on Net-a-Porter consistently have me double checking my bank account. Maje is a pretty sick brand still making its way into fashion’s daily vocab.

So tres Parisian, it’s staple dressing with none of the banality. Spring offers some off beat colors that feel perfectly right now – think cerulean and mustard and whites that have you rethinking ever putting on color. Launched by France based, Moroccan born Judith Milgrom in 2000, I’m sort of shocked it took this long for anyone to start taking note of the brand. It’s sort of Calvin Klein meets the 6th Arrondissement, in the most perfect way possible.

The real question remains, which it chick will cover the Spring campaign?