15 Crazy-Awesome French Fry Recipes You Need in Your Life

15 Crazy-Awesome French Fry Recipes You Need in Your Life
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Let us be first to say that, yes, we’re absolutely aware of the sheer absurdity that comes with finding ways to celebrate every marketing ploy “national day” under the sun, but today happens to be National French Fry Day, so yeah.

We don’t eff around when it comes to our fries, which is why we’re always on the hunt for new ways to make everyone’s favorite side. And as much as we love classic varieties (holla, McDonalds), there’s something to be said for jazzing up your FFs with elevated, often unlikely ingredients. (Spoiler alert: Some are even healthy.)

Here, we’ve done you a favor and rounded up the 15 most enticing gourmet french fry recipes we’ve come across.

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Lemon and Herb Summer Seasoning for French Fries
Recipe: Paper and Stitch

Photo: Brittni Mehlhoff

Sriracha Parsnip Fries
Recipe: The Collegiate Vegan

Lebanese Spiced French Fries
Recipe: Heather Christo

Mediterranean Gyro Fries
Recipe: The Candid Appetite

Hawaiian Carne Asada Fries with Pineapple Pico de Gallo
Recipe: Half Baked Harvest 

Skinny Greek Feta Fries with Roasted Garlic Saffron Aioli
Recipe: Half Baked Harvest

Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries
Recipe: Creme de la Crumb

Greek Curly Fries with Whipped Feta 
Recipe: Sarcastic Cooking

Baked Lemon Pepper French Fries 
Recipe: Some the Wiser

Vegetarian Butternut Squash Chili Cheese Fries
Recipe: Lemons and Basil

Baked Eggplant Fries with Goat Cheese Dip
Recipe: Gourmande in the Kitchen

Tijuana Street Fries
Recipe: House of Yum

Fries with lemon salt and rosemary
Recipe: Alexandra Cooks

Loaded Bacon and Cheese Fries
Recipe: Love Bakes Good Cakes 

Cuban Fries
Recipe: House of Yumm

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