10 Fabuleux French Fashion Bloggers You Should Be Following


There’s no country more closely associated with style than France, thanks to the fact that when you think “Parisian chic,” the mind tends to overflow with visions of striped shirts, tailored pants, mussed-on-purpose hair, Chanel flats, and minimalist accessories. And while those visions are technically accurate for some French women, today’s interpretation of the country’s fashion as a whole can come off as a romanticized, overdone cliché.

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Luckily, lots of French bloggers have done their part to showcase there’s often more to it than the stereotypes we picture.

These online influencers are a constant reminder that when it comes to various types of style, French women can be trés versatile. Odds are, you’re probably already following Parisian style stars Garance Doré and Betty Autier, but there are more French fashion bloggers who are also worthy of your attention on Bastille Day—and every other day, too.

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