Free Music Monday: Sufjan Stevens, Jenny and Johnny and Phil Selway


Covert art for Sufjan Stevens, All Delighted People

Sufjan Stevens is finally back. The lit-pop composer extraordinaire has re-tuned with his first bit of new music since his sweeping ode, The BQE, in 2007. Maintaining his penchant for the epic, the All Delighted People EP deals with such themes as the apocalypse and Paul Simon. Other tracks on the EP include a 17-minute guitar jam-for-single-mothers, and piano-ballad The Owl and the Tanager. Sounds like pretty normal stuff for a guy who once planned on mapping the USA with albums. The 60-minute All Delighted People EP is available at Bandcamp for digital download or full streaming below.

Lets start by saying that were pretty happy that Rilo Kiley has been on hiatus since 2007. Under The Blacklights was less than what we expected from Jenny Lewis and company. Now Jenny and her boyfriend and collaborator Jonathan Rice are delivering some new material that puts Lewis former band to shame. NPR is streaming Jenny and Johnnys Im Having Fun Now until August 31, and its pure pop fun for all. Check out the stream from NPR music below.

Radiohead have a habit of teasing us. Theyre recording. Theyre not recording. Its time they just made up their damn minds. But for those of you aching for a little English melancholia, Radioheads drummer Phil Selway has recorded a solo album and, as usual, NPR jumped at the chance to stream it. But dont expect any Radiohead on Selways Familial. He said that if stuff came up that sounded very Radiohead, Id edit it out. NPR will stream the record until its release date on August 31.

Oh, and over the weekend Cee-Lo released one of the best songs of the year, Fuck You.

Contributed by Colin Jones for Death and Taxes.