Free Music Monday: Sufjan Stevens, El Guincho and Kanye West


Weve been all about Sufjan Stevens as of late. After Mr. Stevens dropped his ethereal EP All Delighted People, we started hearing some rumors of a full-fledged LP heading our way. Today Sufjan confirms the rumor with the announcement of new album The Age of Adz which is set for release on October 12. To add to the good word, Sufjan has also released the fourth track off the new album, I Walked. Its a little mid-tempo dub-step piece that suggests Stevens has abandoned his beloved banjo for the synthesizer. You can listen below and download the track at Sufjan Stevens Bandcamp page.

Kanye West has always been prolific, but this is just getting ridiculous. First, he announced that he would be releasing new tracks off his forthcoming album every Friday until Christmas on his blog. Then, he revealed his mini-album with Jay-Z, Watch The Throne. Now there is a monster of a song called, well, Monster from the Jay-Z collaboration. Its a delightful mess, featuring collaborations from Bon Iver (yes, that Bon Iver), Jay, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj who steals the show with a raw, ripping verse in the middle of the cut. Go forth and experience the power of Kanye and friends at his blog.

Sadly, summer is coming to a close, but dont fret weve got a remedy to keep those beach vibes going into January. Spanish electro-pop artist El Guincho is set to release his second LP, Pop Negro next month but is letting loose some free summery vibes on his website. El Guincho has posted two songs, Bombay and FM Tan Sexy for download. Both are loose, hazy jams that harken back to hot July nights sitting on the cool beach around a fire. The musician has also posted a kooky video of his cousins surfing to FM Tan Sexy on his website, which we have posted below.