8 Free Apps That’ll Change the Way You Go Out at Night

8 Free Apps That’ll Change the Way You Go Out at Night
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In need of a social life revamp? There’s an app for that. Actually, there are a lot of apps for that. In our modern, fast-paced society, everything is about convenience—I want it, and I want it now—which isn’t too different from our mentality about going out at night. If it’s not convenient, it’s not worth doing in a lot of cases. And so we stay in, or settle for the same-old same-old.

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To get you out of your nightlife rut, we rounded up 8 amazing free apps that make going out easier, more economical, and undoubtably more fun. Whether you’re in need of inspiration for something new to do, in search of deals, simply ran out of mascara while getting ready, or searching for someplace last-minute to crash (no judgement!), these apps will undoubtedly change the way you go out at night for the better.

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Delivery Alcohol? Yes please! We’ve all had those nights, you have people coming over in 40 minutes and you have wet hair, no make up on, and somehow need to provide libations for 30+ people (we all know that there is nothing more tragic than a party that runs out of champagne). This is where MiniBar comes in handy.


How it Works: On the homepage of the app, there is a menu offering you different types of alcohol to choose from, including liquor, wine, beer, and even mixers. With no delivery fee, having your alcohol delivered costs no more than going to the store to get it yourself. Genius!


Our favorite feature? You can even book a bartender to work at your party through the app. $150 for three hours or $200 for four.



Scoutmob will quickly become your go-to guide for deals, events, restaurants, and bars in your city. Hot new restaurant opening up near you? Scoutmob will let you know. 2-for-1 drinks at a trendy bar in your area? Scoutmob will let you in on the secret.


The app also offers exclusive deals, available only to Scoutmob users, and you never have to pay upfront for anything.


Another cool feature, you can view deals on a map, giving you the ability to not only plan your night based off of good deals, but location too.

Bands in Town


Not sure what to do tonight? How about a concert? But, which to choose and finding tickets is such a pain! This is where Bands in Town comes in handy.

This cool app links to your iTunes and detects your taste in music instantly. The app's homepage is constantly updating, informing you of when your favorite bands, and  new bands that reflect your taste in music, are nearby and having a show. You can also purchase tickets through the app, which greatly simplifies and de-stresses the concert-going process.


Now you never have to miss your favorite band or musician again because you "didn't know they were in town!" Sounds pretty cool to us!

Hotel Tonight


Have you ever wanted a whole night out-- hotel included-- just to get away from your roommate, or crazy neighbor, or just because. Hotel Tonight makes that possible, without having to break the bank.


When hotels have unbooked rooms, they give Hotel Tonight last minute discounts in order to fill those rooms. They get more business, and you get a luxury hotel at a fraction of the price.


So whether you are planning a whole night out and want a place to stay, or your night takes an unexpected turn, Hotel Tonight ensures that something will always be available, at a great price.



We've all had those nights: You run out of hair stuff or ripped your tights while getting ready or (God forbid) your mascara has unexpectedly gone dry and "that's it, I'm not going out."


With Postmates, never again. This app, one of our personal favorites, delivers anything, from anywhere, in under an hour. It's like the magical fairy courier you've been missing your whole life.


All you have to do is open the app, search for the store you want something delivered from and choose what you need to be delivered. From restaurants to drug stores, and yes, even Barney's, Postmates literally delivers anything from anywhere.





One of the most tedious parts of planning a night out is texting back and forth between your group of friends, trying to figure out what everyone is doing that night.


Wendr has changed that, now making it much easier to coordinate with your going-out buddies. The app displays all of your friends' night time plans, and includes locations, so you can see exactly what everyone is planning on doing.


You can also divide your friends into "crews" and share your plans with certain crews only (maybe your work crew and school crew don't quite mix). You can also set your going out status. So, if you've already decided you need a night in, you aren't bombarded with text and if you want to go out, but don't yet have plans, your friends know to hit you up. Wendr is like planning 2.0.

Night Out


Nothing makes us happier than happy hour. An app that is dedicated to finding you new happy hour bars and restaurants to check out? Now that's something we could get on board with.


Night Out has three categories: places, events, and happy. Under each category, there are deals, tips, and suggestions as to where to go out. So, not only are you discovering new places to hangout, you are potentially saving money in the mean time. That's a win-win!



If your night involves drinking, you never want to be the the drunkest girl at the party. Trust us, we get it-- it's easy to get carried away. iDrinkSmarter, an alcohol monitoring app gives you little friendly reminders not to over drink.


You enter your gender and age and the app automatically generates a drink limit you should try to stick to per hour in order to avoid over-intoxicating yourself. You can also set a "buzz-kill" alarm, that reminds you every hour to to monitor your alcohol intake.


iDrinkSmarter aims to help you maximize your fun while minimizing all of the yucky side effects.

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