How to Instantly Look Cooler: Cut the Bottoms Off Your Jeans

Apparently, hemming your jeans the old-fashioned way—with a needle and thread, preferably with the original bottoms attached—is so yesterday. At least, according to the street style crowd who clearly have found a simpler and more economical way to knock a few unneeded inches off denim—cutting ’em with a pair of scissors. And rough frayed hems never looked so cool.

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Whether you’re chopping a pair of super-skinny jeans, or a wide-legged pair, the trick here is making sure the fray hits at the ankle or a little above, which will look killer with pointy pumps, strappy sandals, flat loafers, sneakers, and ankle boots—and will add an effortless IDGAF touch to any outfit.

Check out the below examples from fashion bloggers, then grab those scissors and try it out yourself—it’s nearly impossible to mess this DIY up.

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Photo: Mija

frayed denim hem street style

Photo: We Wore What

maja wyh

Photo: Maja Wyh