Frank Tell on the Road to Fashion Royalty


Frank Tell’s fall 2009 presentation was undoubtedly a smashing success by any standard. I may be a little biased (personally, I love Frank and tend to gravitate towards his perfect party dresses for any event I have to attend with the word “cocktail” in the dress code), but this was the young designer’s most sophisticated collection yet. Instead of sending out a simple slew of amazing dresses as he’s done in the past, Tell pushed the envelope this season by adding in pieces he’s never experimented with before; namely, knits, outerwear, and seperates. It all worked beautifully. As I walked around the presentation space in the Tribeca Grand Hotel, I found myself literally wanting one of everything.

Apparently the collection was inspired by the English royalty of the past, specifically the Tudor’s and all the intrigue of the court. The inspiration showed in rich pieces like an oversized-crystal studded gold dress and a vest made of tiny little knives that Tell commissioned from jewelry designer Pamela Love.

I died over a little black lace mini dress and a perfect specimen of a motorcycle jacket with a mongolian-lamb collar. Fitting also, that Tell’s inspiration had to do with royalty; with this well-rounded collection, looks like he’s well on his way to becoming fashion royalty himself.