Frank Bruni: Book Author and Food Critic Calls Out Anna Wintour


Perhaps it is because food and clothes are eternally, inevitably at odds–you can’t enjoy one too much without compromising the other. So it is fitting that New York’s top authorities on the two subjects, Frank Bruni and Anna Wintour, respectively, might also clash. Bruni, restaurant critic for The New York Times, took to his Twitter to declare his sighting of Wintour, Editor in Chief of Vogue, at Marea, one of the city’s top restaurants, where she ordered chicken and avocado salad. The only problem? Marea, as is perhaps indicated by its name, is a seafood restaurant, and doesn’t have either option on the menu. In regards to Anna’s odd order, Bruni muses, “What’s the point?”

We’re not sure if Anna placed her order out of innocent ignorance, mere distraction, or elitist diva-like behavior, but we do think the girl has had her fair share of criticism of late. We’re also thinking that the bloodshed this week over at Anna’s company, Conde Nast, is likely what was on her mind, not deciding between the grilled swordfish or Pacific snapper.

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