Parlez-Vous English? Watch Fránçois & The Atlas Mountains’ ‘City Kiss’ Music Video!

Susie G

Who doesn’t love French boys, especially ones that know how to play a guitar and belt out a rad jam or two?

Cue in Fránçois & the Atlas Mountains–this four-piece band (that’s actually three-fourths French and one-fourth Scottish) have just released their latest music video for “City Kiss,” the third single off of their E Volo Love album.

The track is a dual-language jam, with lead singer Fránçois crooning away at the mic in both French and English. Not only is it a great way to test what you still remember from your French classes back in high school, it will also test your listening comprehension skills when you try to decipher Fránçois’ English lyrics that are delivered in a mildly-thick accent.

Even with the accents and all, “City Kiss” is a great dreamy indie pop track that’s making us wish for those lazy Summer days by the beach or on the rooftop with your closest friends, with the sun setting in the background. While the music video for the single was shot during a snowy winter in London, we won’t let this phase our hopes for warmer days ahead.

Check out the equally dreamy video down below, directed by Elliot Dear, and pick up your copy of E Volo Love from Domino Records today!

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