Frances Bean Is A Total Homebody & Arrested Development Fan

Spencer Cain

Even though Frances Bean Cobain has the pedigree to party with the best of ’em (I mean, hello, look at her mommy), she’s apparently way more low key. The mysterious heiress rarely breaks her silence, but herfianc, Isaiah Silva, front man of The Rambles and purported Kurt Cobain lookalike, was happy to chat with People.

“We’re each other’s everything,” Silva stated. “We’re homebodies. We don’t go out to clubs so you won’t find us stumbling out of them with Lindsay Lohan.We stay at home, read books and watchArrested Development.”

For me, it is always confusing when a couple says they “stay home reading books.” Does that mean they’re reading the same book, or sitting in silence across a massive dining room table reading separate books? Well, I guess that’s beside the point…

Anyway, Silva also admits to a strange upbringing — his first 18 years of his life were devoted to the “Fullerton Assembly of God Group,” which oppressed women and focused on incredibly strict Christian values. Luckily for him, his family severed ties as he reached adulthood.”I had to grow up much faster than I would have liked,” he adds. “I’ve been through a lot. But now, I’m totally happy.”

I was skeptical when I first found out they were engaged. After all, Frances Bean is only 19, and he is 26. But if all they’re doing is chilling on the couch, laughing at the antics of the Bluth family, then they’re OK in my book!

FYI: You can catch Silva and his band (and most likely his elusive fiance) hanging down in Austin come March when The Rambles take the stage during this year’s South by Southwest Festival.

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