Franca Sozanni Supports Galliano, Skips Anti-Semitic Remarks

Kerry Pieri

In not so many words, Franca Sozanni sort of distanced herself from that thinly veiled anti-Semitic post on the Vogue Italia blog yesterday by writing her own assessment of the video.

Don’t think she’s still not supporting Galliano and making excuses for him, because she is, but thankfully, she’s skipping the whole “join the anti-Jewish” sentiment.

The editor begins, “Ill repeat what I said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph on February 25: I am against and I condemn any kind of racism or any behavior that shows disrespect toward any religion.” So let’s get that out of the way!

BUT, there’s a but, she continues…”I would like to say that Im just as disgusted by these people who saw what state John was in and took advantage of the situation by trading on his name and notoriety. Its obvious that this was a bit inauthentic in the sense that if you are truly fighting with someone, you dont have time to pick up a mobile phone, turn on the video GIGGLING and mockingly film what he is saying.”

Just stop Franca! There’s no defending the indefensible. Get off of this sinking ship! Even if those people are wretched and awful fame seekers it in no way undermines the atrocious comments made by your friend.

There’s more…”Any famous person is open to attack or insult, and its difficult to defend him when, as in this case, the news goes around the world.” So is the difficulty in defending Galliano a matter of too much media saturation of the story and not just the fact that racist, horrible words were both uttered and videotaped?

Sozanni again goes on to explain, “While I condemn Johns words, I think they were said in a certain moment when he wasnt lucid.” I think everyone would agree the designer looked bombed, but the excuses are weak, as are those who insist on continuing to make them.

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