Franca Sozanni on Kate Moss’ Cellulite, Anna and Anorexia

Kerry Pieri

If you’ve ever been on Franca Sozanni’s blog, you probably know this is a lady who is not afraid to say exactly what she’s feeling, regardless of who she may offend, and really, how can you hate on that? WWD interviewed the somewhat abrasive yet totally endearing EIC of Vogue Italia and she talked some major issues.

The crux of the convo was the highly successful Vogue Italia website, and Sozanni’s aforementioned blog in particular, which basically has a one-in-five posts rate of causing an Internet uproar hey that’s how they’re getting those 3K page views a day, yo.

Sozanni talks about the controversial “Curvy” section of the site, which highlights plus-sizes (much like the “Black” section highlights black models, er) but she explains, “We dont talk about diets because they dont want to be on a diet, but its not a ghetto. Why should these women slim down? Many of the women who have a few extra kilos are especially beautiful and also more feminine.” It’s weird, because that sounds almost normal when she says it, but why can’t the pretty curvy girls just exist alongside the pretty no-body fat girls?

Also, she’s anti-Photoshop, saying, “We have this damn Photoshop, where 14-year-old girls are polished, they take away the stomach, the sides and they all seem thinner. And why shouldnt one have wrinkles? I dont understand there must be a moment when one has to have something.” Truth, girl.

Sozanni stands by her blog post that spoke on anti-anorexia blogs and discounted that the fashion industry and magazines are in any way responsible for the epidemic saying, “So 90 percent of people agree with me, then there is the 10 percent that say its absurd because they see Vogue as a fashion magazine and it shows thin models.” I guess this one is up for debate.

But she did have this to say about Kate Moss in terms of when the waifish model first hit the zietgist overtaking the supermodel/Amazonian moment of Christie and Naomi, “When Kate Moss arrived, they all said, ‘Here is the anorexic model,’ but she was 15. Now they are all against her because she has cellulite. But who cares? We would all like to have cellulite like she does.” Again, truth. It’s not like I always disagree with Sozanni.

Lastly, the EIC gives an honest appraisal of her US counterpart, Anna Wintour, explaining, “Yes, we are very precise, very direct. And thats exactly what I very much like of her. There are no games, its all very transparent. When Anna says something, its that, she is very reliable and also very fair. And I do the same with her.”

The one controversial post that wasn’t discussed was the Galliano one, but really, isn’t everyone done talking about that anyway? I can’t wait for the next controversy to get Sozanni’s totally European, totally unencumbered take on it.