Found It: The White Statement Sunglasses Spotted on the Streets of Fashion Week

street style white sunglassesPhoto: Kristine Lopez

Most of us grab our sunglasses along with our phone, wallet, and keys every time we leave the house. Sure, we appreciate their ability to cover up a late night, but a cool pair of shades can also make the difference between a boring outfit and something that feels fresh and new—and right now, oversize white cat-eye shades are what the street-style crowd is favoring.

While doing the rounds at New York Fashion Week, I noticed a few trends on the streets that you’d have to be blind to miss, including denim and army green. White sunglasses were a less-obvious (but just as cool) look I noticed being sported by editors, bloggers, and models alike.

Admittedly, these bold glasses aren’t for everyone, but I’m a huge fan. Think about it for a minute—shelling out $60 for an on-trend pair of shades can make your basic jeans-and-tee combo feel a bit more compelling.

That’s why just a couple days into NYFW, I was online, feverishly typing white cat-eye sunglasses into Google. After a pretty lengthy search, I spotted this pair by Australian eyewear label Quay. They were just $59.95, so I really couldn’t think of a reason not to buy them.

white sunglasses Found It: The White Statement Sunglasses Spotted on the Streets of Fashion WeekJinx Sunglasses, $59.95; at Quay

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