Found: A Simple Denim Bag Made for Minimalists

Emily McBride
Thispaper bags


Denim accessories are tricky. It’s a rarity for me to find a non-apparel denim item that doesn’t scream “Early 2000s!” or “North Florida!” (sorry, Louis Vuitton—that 2005 bag still makes me gag). And this is coming from a girl who isn’t afraid to rock a Canadian tuxedo.

That said, I was wasting time on Pinterest a while ago, and I stumbled upon this effortless, minimalist denim pocket bag from Polish brand Thisispaper that completely changed my perspective on taking the material beyond pants and jackets. I instantly fell in love with its clean shape and natural leather accents.

What’s even better is that it goes with everything. We all know denim is the most versatile textile in existence, making it impossible to clash with the rest of your outfit (unless you’re wearing this bag with an evening gown or something—get your shit together and spring for a nice clutch). Plus, the simple right-angle shape can function as a backpack or a shoulder bag, depending on how you hold the straps, and it’s available in two different sizes—small and medium—and features a light-gray cotton lining and an interior pocket.

For function, I’m digging the $76 medium version, which can accommodate my receipt- and lipstick-hoarding tendencies. Also, it’s the perfect size for me to tote around my giant organizer (because, yes, I still write things down on paper).

this is paper pocket bag

(Photo: Thispaper)