Former Domino Editor to Launch Online Shelter Magazine


What do you get “with a little help from your friends” and an overwhelming motivation to recreate the traditional magazine into a vast online, interactive publication?

You get Lonny, the new age version of a sadly missed shelter publication, Domino, scheduled to launch on October 1st. Created by Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline, who met at a Domino photo shoot a few years back, the new zine will be home to art, culture, fashion, and features. The site will allow subscribers to flip through pages like a traditional magazine and shop the pages with only a few clicks. It will include sections similar to a print title and front of the book market pages with Fotocare and Digital Media NYC for advertisement. Former Domino Editor in Chief, Deborah Needleman, Kate Townsend Simpson, and Eddie Ross will be contributing among others. Thanks to people like the above mentioned names who “believe in the achievement and future” of Lonny, the spark that inspired Domino will live on.