Forbes Tells Male Mentors to “Give Her Special Treatment”

Jessica Hoppe

As a woman do you prefer to have a male or female boss? How about a mentor?

Is it easier to relate woman to woman? And if I man is willing to mentor you what exactly is he expecting in return?

According to Forbes these are exactly the kind of questions that are a detriment to women’s success as they often overlook a pool of potential mentors due to fears such as these.

The article discusses the delicate balance of male to female mentorships and the potential benefits. One particular entrepreneurMatt Mireles describes from personal experiencehow women often miss out “on the bonding that takes place in the gray space where the professional and the private overlap and men work and play together.”

Are women being left out of the”success loop?” And if so how can this be remedied?

Surprisingly Forbes passes the buck to the fellas, not the ladies. That’s right. So listen up all you aspiring mentors—here are some easy steps to being a better mentor to women.

Let us in your “success loop.” We promise we won’t think you’re just trying to sleep with us.

TIP #1: Give her special treatment.

First of all, I did not set out to write this for my bosses benefit but I do hope they read this one tip.

Unfortunately, this does not translate into special hours and benefits. (Damn).What the author does mean to say is understand what your mentee needs and why. If you need to give a bit more effort in order to accommodate her, do so. That is— if you want the job.

TIP #2: Don’t hit on her.

This is pretty clear, no? We’re not naming names but this happens a lot so understand she will be sensitive to it. Make it clear your help is above board and stick to the task at hand.

TIP #3: Learn from her.

In all relationships we stand to learn something from each other. And in most cases, mentoring requires a certain measure of age, knowledge and experience. Take note of how the opposite sex and younger generation operates. Their social and professional practices can often be quite useful information.

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