Forbes Lists Highest Earning Hip Hop Artists


Forbes announced the highest Hip Hop earners this year–although the year technically runs from June 2008 to July 2009. No surprise that Jay-Z, P. Diddy and Kanye West are in the top three.

However, Forbes points out that the top 20 earning artists collectively earned $500 million last year compared to the $300 million they made this year. Does it make you feel better or worse to hear that the economic downturn affects us all? Pause for contemplation. Ummm… I feel worse. While these artists are still making millions, I’m burning a grilled cheese sandwich on my last two slices of bread in the microwave. So the economy’s downturn kind of affects us in different ways…slightly though. Only slightly.

Here is the list from Forbes:

Jay-Z: $35 Million
Diddy: $30 Million
Kanye West: $25 Million
50 Cent: $20 Million
Akon: $20 Million
Lil Wayne: $18 Million
Timbaland: $17 Million
Pharrell: $16 Million
T-Pain: $15 Million
Eminem: $14 Million
Dr. Dre: $13 Million
Snoop Dogg: $11 Million
Ludacris: $10 Million
Common: $8 Million
Will.I.Am: $8 Million
T.I.: $8 Million
Swizz Beatz: $8 Million
Andre 3000: $7 Million
Big Boi: $7 Million
Flo-Rida: $6Million
Rick Ross: $6 Million
The Game: $6 Million
Young Jeezy: $6 Million