Foray Into Fashion: A Sneak Peek At A Day In The Editor’s Life

Liz Doupnik

img 06251 Foray Into Fashion: A Sneak Peek At A Day In The Editors LifeThe fashion circus doesn’t end with the completion of fashion month, unbeknownst to many people who many not work directly in the industry. Oh no, fashion week havoc is simply just the tip of the iceberg. For those of you who may not be aware, the clothes go on a nice tour presented for buyers for some of our own favorite retailers – and then some. How else do you imagine we’d be able to ogle the clothes on the racks and websites of the likes of Barneys and Bloomingdale’s?

From there, a fun (read: stressful) weeks ensue where editors peruse the collections on an up close and personal level, where planning for upcoming photoshoots and other stories. While some meetings can be a quick walk-through and convo with lovely PR reps discussing details of the looks, others can be a full fledged second presentation — as was the case for Calvin Klein’s Fall 2012 preview.

We decided to give you a glimpse into the exclusive world of one of the many activities of an editor and let you see part of the collection for yourself. We were really feeling the set for the presentation in addition to the suiting for ladies in vibrant reds and easy jersey separates. Oh and the accessories? Divine.

But why should we tell you? Watch the video and check it out for yourself.

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