FlyBarre Kicked My Ass… And I Liked It


Pain… so much pain! Let’s just say it was a tough morning even trying to make my way from my bedroom to the bathroom was a struggle, and my soreness is only getting worse with each passing hour. I blame it all on the FlyBarre class I roped myself into last night. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Barre classes lately, so when I was offered the chance to take one of Kate Bohner’s amazing classes at Flywheel Sports, there was no way I was passing it up. After all, I’m a firm believe in the “I’ll try anything once” mindset.

But it looks like I’ll be trying FlyBarre at least a few more time, as Kate assured me that it becomes less of a challenge after at least three sessions. As sore as I am and as painful as the experience may have been, I’ll definitely be going back for more. You can call it the good kind of pain, the kind you can’t get enough of. If you want to kick your ass into amazing shape for summer, then this is the class for you. I’ll let FlyBarre director Kate Bohner explain how it works.

Tell me about the basic premise of FlyBarre.
FlyBarre is a sculpting and lengthening barre-based boot camp using balls, straps and hand weights that reshapes and tones all muscle groups. Intermixed with cardiovascular and yogic components, this 60-minute workout includes comprehensive upper body work, four sets of strong abdominals, 15 minutes of glute work, and an exhaustive three-set thigh series.

What are the areas you’re targetting?
The one-hour class opens with a quick warm up followed by 5 minutes of interval plank training. Clients then flip over on their backs, tuck their toes under the barre, and head straight into the first of three intense abdominal workouts. After that, you grab your hand weights and work your upper body biceps, shoulders, triceps and back about 8 minutes. We then move into 13 minutes of thigh exercises, a 4-minute barre stretch, 12 minutes of butt exercises, a 2-minute floor stretch, 8 more minutes (the second of the four series) of tough abdominal exercises. The class closes with a cool down.

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What are the benefits of FlyBarre? How does it differ from any other sculpting or weight training class?
Because FlyBarre pairs concentrated movements and deep-muscle conditioning with intense stretching, you get terrific resultsfast. Within 8 to 12 classes, you will witness a decrease in body fat, firmer thighs, flatter abs, a toned and lifted butt and improved posture meaning, with strong shoulders rolling down your back. Put simply, FlyBarre workouts will make you a better runner, dancer, tennis player, yogi, triathlete, spinner/cyclist. Or if you simply want to look and feel healthier, stronger and more sculpted you will!

How have you integrated your yoga background into the class?
I am barre trained and Yoga Teacher Trained with an RYT-200 from the Yoga Alliance. I think a broader point is that I was the co-captain of the University of Pennsylvania Womens Lacrosse team and I was elected to the World Cup team in 1988. So I also have a strong traditional sports background. That is why I call FlyBarre: a barre class for athletes.

What do you think makes barre classes such a craze?
I believe women have taken to barre classes in general because it hits all the parts of the body we care about having strong, shapely thighs, a high-lifted butt, a defined dcollet and long lean abdominals. What differentiate FlyBarre is that its really for athletes because its more challenging, almost like a sculpting boot camp.

Why is strength training/sculpting so important in addition to cardio?
Cardio is key to burning calories and promoting a healthy heart and overall cardiovascular system plus its great for the mind. We have many clients who will take one of our Flywheel indoor cycling classes, followed by our FlyBarre workout.

FlyWheel Sports (Flatiron)
39 W. 21st
New York, NY 10010

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