Florence Welch Thinks Jeans & T-Shirts Are ‘Depressing’

Jessica Rubin

Florence Welch never disappoints on stage. From her beautiful vocals to her creative one-of-a-kind stage costumes, seeing Florence + The Machine in concert is a fully packaged experience. We love Welch’s deep red locks and quirky look, and how can you not be in awe of someone who performed during Chanel’s underwater-themed show in Paris?

But a recent comment hit too close to home, leaving us feeling a bit downtrodden and alienated from the star. Welch told USA Today, “If you see me in a T-shirt and jeans, that’s a sign that I’m really depressed.”

Of course, we love getting dressed up and experimenting with cuts, colors and layers, but there’s also the wonderfully chic simplicity of a simple t-shirt and your favorite denim duds. And since we don’t all have Karl Lagerfeld on speed dial, sometimes a day rolls around where you have no energy to spare on your outfit — a dilemma facing even the most avid fashionistas.

So Ms. Welch, don’t write off the jeans and a tee look just yet. Trust us, you may find yourself reaching for a Hanes v-neck one day soon.