You’d Be Surprised by How Florence Pugh’s Net Worth Compares to Her ‘Black Widow’ Co-Star

Florence Pugh
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There’s a new face joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe—and she’s already a high-earner. But what is Florence Pugh‘s net worth, exactly? We’re diving into everything there is to know about Pugh’s net worth and salary details below, but first, here’s a little primer on the MCU’s latest starlet.

Marvel fans may already recognize Pugh, but that’s not because she’s made any appearances for the franchise in the past. Before Black Widow, the actress started making a name for herself after starring in a string of successful films, such as 2019’s Midsommar and Little Women. Pugh got her start in the industry long before that, however, with her on-screen debut for The Falling in 2014 and television appearances in series like ITV’s Marcella and AMC’s The Little Drummer Girl.

With a few years in Hollywood already under her belt, it should come as no surprise that Pugh has amassed an impressive net worth. But how much are we talking? Keep on reading below for everything we know about Florence Pugh’s net worth—including how it compares to her Black Widow co-star, Scarlett Johansson’s net worth, and more!

What is Florence Pugh’s Black Widow salary?

Florence Pugh’s Marvel debut sees her playing opposite Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff in the character’s first standalone film, Black Widow. The film, which was originally set to premiere in May 2020 but was ultimately pushed back, premieres July 9, 2021, on Disney+ and in theaters. In it, Pugh plays Romanoff’s younger sister, Yelena Belova, who, like her, grew up and trained in the Red Room to become a post-soviet Russian spy and assassin.

Let’s just say that for as much as Yelena’s character has lived a life of mystery, so has Florence Pugh’s salary. Unfortunately, details about the Midsommar actress’ Marvel paycheck are scant—but we can get a ballpark idea based on how much her fellow Marvel stars typically made on their debut solo films. For example, stars like Captain America’s Chris Evans and Thor’s Chris Hemsworth received an estimated $1 million and $150,000, respectively, for their first standalone movies in the MCU.

While it’s unclear precisely how much Pugh is making, we can guess it’s somewhere within this range. As for her co-star, Scarlett Johansson? According to The Hollywood Reporter, the veteran Avenger is estimated to be receiving a whopping $15 million base salary for Black Widow alone.

What is Florence Pugh’s net worth in 2021?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Florence Pugh’s net worth is an estimated $1.4 million as of 2021. Her Black Widow co-star, Scarlett Johansson, has a net worth of $165 million in comparison, making her over 100 times richer than Pugh.

Still, for a relative newcomer, Florence Pugh’s net worth is pretty impressive. She has her many paychecks from film and television appearances to thank for it—these include 2016’s Lady Macbeth, which racked up a whopping $1.2 million in box office earnings, and 2019’s Little Women, which collected over $109 million from the box office alone. Although we aren’t sure how much Pugh was paid to star in these films, it’s safe to say that these box office hits earned her a string of generous paychecks. Her latest appearance in Black Widow, meanwhile, is only bound to improve her already huge net worth.

Black Widow premieres July 9, 2021 in theaters and is also available to stream on Disney+.

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