Florence + the Machine Gets Spooky In New ‘Never Let Me Go’ Video

Susie G

If horror flicks like The Ring or The Grudge were ever turned into a Broadway musical, then this brand new track from Florence + the Machine would fit in perfectly for a would-be Broadway production, especially if you watched the accompanying music video for the new single off of the Ceremonials album.

And if you haven’t yet, then you’re in luck because we’ve got it right here, at the bottom of this article.

Our girl Flo seems to have gone under a bit of a makeover, trading in her pearly Chanel floor-length dresses and auburn hair, for dark-as-death (dread?) locks, black fishnet apparel à la Rodarte and an au naturel look for the visage.

The video definitely gives off that creepy-dead-girl-from-the-The-Ring-slash-The-Grudge vibe towards the end, which is a little bit unsettling, but hey–I guess this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Flo and the gang go a little dark with one of their music vids (the video for “No Light, No Light” is supposed to have references to demons and voodoo).

Check out the beautifully shot film down below and let us know if you’re digging it by leaving a comment underneath.