Fleabag: The Answer to Your Shopping Bag Needs


As we entered in to a new era of shopping, wastefully consuming little plastic bags has become so passé. The solution: the tote bag. However, it is always key to find a tote that is large enough for your shopping adventures that’s also stylish and green-conscious.

Never fear- new accessory designers Shira Entis and Alex Bell have launched their collection Fleabag, a line of eco-friendly and market-ready bags that are a perfect fit for all your shopping needs. The line began when the two friends bonded over their shared love of flea market shopping, but they were always disgruntled about their lack of the perfect bag to shop with.

“We [were] always so frustrated by not having the perfect flea market bag, something hot to look at, but also roomy,” the accessory designers said.

The result was a resolution to create the perfect green bag collection. “It was incredibly important to us to make the bags as green as possible, and the materials had to be sourced in America,” said Entis.

What can we expect next from these eco- friendly shoppers? Small vegetable- tanned leather bags!

To shop for the perfect tote visit fleabg.com (and no, that’s not a typo!)