Flash Forward on ABC: The New Lost?


The highly anticipated TV show Flash Forward kicks of its newest mind boggling mystery tonight, “flashing forward” 6 months ahead into the future, this sci-fi action packed drama questions whether or not the future should be changed.

The concept behind the show, was inspired by Lost, but there’s a twist: now every person in the Flash Forward world (or rather set) gets to see a glimpse of the future, and its said to be quite horrific and probably awesome.

Not only did Flash Forward model its show after lost, but stars Lost cast members, Sonya Walger and Dominic Monaghan. Also, the adorable Joseph Fiennes and John Cho (remember him from Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle?) will be in at least two episodes this season. With the star-studded cast and an amazing plot, the new show has serious potential of surpassing our longtime favorite.

Tune in to ABC tonight for the premiere of Flash Forward, at 8pm. Or click here for a preview from tonight’s episode.