FITiST Slim-Down Challenge Part 3: The Last Leg


Anyone who’s ever run a race or finished something challenging knows that the last, little bit is the hardest to get through and I’ve never felt those sentiments more than this past week. To say this week has been an uphill workout battle is putting it mildly. While I have lost a bit of steam since week one on FITiST, I’m still pushing through, taking new classes and dropping others. Case in point, Bootcamp. Like I said in my part 2 update, Warrior Fitness Bootcamp was the hardest I’ve ever pushed my body. I swore I’d go back, but that has yet to happen. But I did come to the realization this week that spinning, especially Flywheel, is one of the best workouts I’ve ever had. It’s fast paced, fun and I sweat buckets.

The most important lesson I learned this week is that mental exhaustion is actually more physically debilitating than actual physical exhaustion. This became glaringly apparent at yesterday evening’s Flywheel class, where I could hardly keep my normal revolutions per minute (RPM) that I’ve been working towards. But then again, it’s nothing a little sleep and yoga can’t fix. That said, I’ve also rediscovered my love of yoga this week, something I used to practice regularly a couple of years ago. New York Yoga and Yogamaya are my two favorite studios in the city so far.

Besides all the sweating I’ve been doing, I’ve also spent the week readjusting my eating habits, with the help of Food Matters nutritionist Tricia Williams. Tricia suggested some very helpful pointers for me to try. First, she’s having me keep a food log of everything I eat. This makes me accountable for everything that enters my mouth. She also suggested switching up some of my staples for healthier alternatives. Since my biggest problem is staying away from carbs like bread and pasta, Tricia suggested I try brown rice pasta and Ezekiel bread instead. If you haven’t made the switch to brown rice pasta yet, then I suggest you get on it. It’s a much tastier alternative to whole wheat. As for the Ezekiel bread, it really helps sustain me longer than anything else I’ve tried, and it’s delicious topped with some of my favorites like reduced-fat peanut butter.

As for results, I’m starting to see definition all over my body, but my arms seem to be changing most rapidly, along with my legs. My goal for the upcoming and final week of the challenge is to amp up the core/pilates classes so that I can get my abs in amazing shape. Stay tuned for the final reveal next week.