FITiST Slim-Down Challenge: Final Reveal

FITiST Slim-Down Challenge: Final Reveal
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It would be a bold-faced lie to say that the FITiST challenge was a breeze. In fact, the last month of my life was quite the opposite. Not only have I never spent more consecutive days being sore, but dragging myself to workouts at the end of a long day or forcing myself to wake up for a spinning class on a lazy Saturday morning was no picnic either. But while I learned the true meaning of the word challenge, it was also one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had.

I learned a thing or two about time management, sucking it up and best of all, I dropped a few unwanted pounds well, five to be exact. And while it’s nice to see the scale go down, I’ve never really been one to put much weight on numbers. I’m more of a “how are my clothes fitting?” type of girl, and I’m happy to report that my skinnies are a little looser.

I don’t like to play favorites, but Flywheel and Flybarre were some of the greatest classes I’ve ever done. Anything that can make you sweat like that is a workout everyone needs to try once. It amazes me that I could feel this great in as little as a month on FITiST just think what I could do with another 30 days. I might just have to try and see. But for now, click through and see the before and after photos for yourself.

I also got the honor of being featured on FITiST’s blog, The Edit, as their FITiST of the week. Check out the post at