First Image Emmanuelle Alt’s French Vogue: Promises of Boob!

Kerry Pieri

Emmanuelle Alt‘s first French Vogue hits newsstands on March 25, and it’s almost weird how excited I am about it. With the same editor at American Vogue for most of my natural life, and few huge changes in editorial leadership across the board, save for maybe W, which ushered in Stefano Tonchi and Kim Kardashian covers there haven’t been many who have had the opportunity to shake up the status quo at any of the major glossies. So, this is kind of a big deal.

Alt spoke with WWD about what we can expect at Paris Vogue A.C. (After Carine), including that there will be more beauty! In other words, Alt may seem the badass, black skinny denimed editor, but she’s got her eye on the Benajmins, as beauty brands are synonymous with ad dollars. There will also be less clutter artistically, more feature articles including one about Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk in this issue and, sacre blue! less nudity. Apparently that last bit is to, “show in French Vogue more and more a lot of clothes,” explains Alt. Clothes in a French fashion mag? Crazy!

It’s not all puritanical though, Alt goes on to show WWD a photo of Anja Rubik, reclining with her blouse open, showcasing the flash of a nipple, shot by Hans Feurer. Alt explains to the mag, One boob, while holding up a finger and flashing a big smile, Otherwise, you dont recognize its French Vogue. Um, love her.

Also to note:

1. Alt will be working with new stylists and talent who have been trained by French Vogue.

2. She’ll also work with seasoned stylists including Joe McKenna, Camilla Nickerson and Melanie Ward, who took over Alt’s position at Balmain.

3. She’ll continue to feature her “girls” i.e. Kate Moss, Daria, Malgosia Bela, et al.

So, Emmanuelle Alt isn’t talking about the Carine Roitfeld years, that Tom Ford issue included, but overall, the new editor in chief explains, “Its a different point of view, but nobody gave me a mission to change it or make it more commercial.” I mean, the last thing anyone wants from French Vogue is anything commercial.

Photo: Isabeli Fontana, shot by David Sims. WWD