It’s Finally Here: Brad & Angie Are Reportedly Engaged

Spencer Cain

Naturally I’m weary to report on this story because it’s been rumored about 300,000 times in the past month alone. But when I see on Hollywood Reporter that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have officially decided to get married, I’ll admit — I sort of believe it.

Apparently, this past Wednesday Angie debuted a massive sparkler on her finger from L.A. based jewelry designer Robert Procop. His rep confirmed that he did in fact design a ring for the actress/director/philanthropist/homewrecker (sorry y’all, I’m Team Jen and I’m still bitter!). Brad was also allegedly very involved in the process, which is sort of cute.

Originally, the most famous couple in the entire world was going to wait until all of the gays in all of the land could exchange vows before they did. However, I guess after six kids and a lot of years of dating, they decided it was finally time. Sigh. Major, major apologies if this isn’t true — as B and A’s reps have not confirmed it. But wearing a diamond ring on your ring finger definitely sends a strong message, so if it is the case: Congratulations Brad and Angie!

Click through the gallery above for a look at the handsome couple’s best red carpet moments.