Finally: A Legitimate Excuse to Use Facebook at Work

Facebook at Work

Photo: Imaxtree

Facebook has launched a new app called Facebook at Work that will give you a legitimate reason to be using the social media platform all day at the office.

The network is rolling out new iOS and Android apps, plus a version of Facebook at Work that acts like a portal you can visit from your desktop. The site will work just like regular Facebook, with a news feed, search function, events, messenger, as well as photo and sharing abilities, but will only be accessible by people in your company. We can only hope this means the new version will come with less baby photos, engagement announcements, and personal rants.

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The company’s plan is to replace existing office messenger sites and intranets, and cut back on annoying internal emails. You’ll be able to log in using either your regular Facebook account, or with a separate business account if you’d rather keep things separate (which is perhaps a wise move.) If you’re still worried that this means your professional life and personal life is about to get way too mixed up, Facebook promises you shouldn’t be.

Facebook at work

Photo: Facebook

The firm says that anything shared within the Facebook at Work service is kept “secure, confidential and completely separate” from your Saturday night selfies and everything else on your personal profile, and that “information shared among employees is only accessible to people in the company.”

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Don’t think this is going to be your get-out-of-jail card when it comes to planning your weekend on company time though, because Facebook at Work will be branded with white, rather than the classic Facebook blue (shown above.) So yes, anyone walking past your desk will be able to immediately tell if you’re really working, or just watching videos of funny cats.

Right now the new service is free to use but only a small trial group of companies have access, so your boss probably won’t be implementing the app any time soon.