There’s a New Site That Catches the Biggest Liars on Instagram

Between #iwokeuplikethis, #nomakeup, and #nofilter, it seems that Instagram is full of, well, pathological liars. Okay, that might be a bit harsh, but it does seem that more and more, folks are adopting these “natural” hashtags yet posting pictures that aren’t really as organic as they say.

And with the hundreds of photo-editing apps literally at our fingertips, it is possible that tiny tweaks can go unnoticed. Not anymore photo fabulists, as there’s a new website that catches Instagram offenders red-handed.

filter faker liar instagram

Filter Fakers is an automated Tumblr that highlights photos tagged with #NoFilter—a way to signify to your followers that you haven’t used any of Instagram’s built-in tools to make your photo prettier—and tells you which one photographer was actually using.

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“Go nuts with the Instagram filters, but at least be honest about it,” the site writes, adding: “With over 40 million photos uploaded on Instagram daily, there are obviously quite a few cheaters out there. People that want you to think their photos just turned out that great, completely without the help of any filters. And you had to believe them—until now.”

One quick look on Filter Fakers, and you’ll see hundreds upon hundreds of pictures being called out for lying, which is pretty funny—especially the so-called “untouched” snaps of things like a windowpane after the rain, a beautiful landscape, or shots of half-naked girls and guys.

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Of course, any good liar knows there are ways to circumvent getting caught, so keep in mind that the tools Filter Fakers use are only applicable to Instagram, so you if you still want to cheat, use Camera+ or other apps like it.

filterfkaer Theres a New Site That Catches the Biggest Liars on Instagram