Field Notes: Because iPads Are So Over


I know, I know, bold statementbut honestly, all of the emotions that you go through just thinking about carrying your iPad around are ridic. Face it: you’re worried it’s going to get crushed by is in your bag. That bottle of water you’re carrying around? Bound to explode. That makeup bag? The zipper just broke and three kinds of foundation are flooding your the charging port. There goes $599, and yet, this all could have been avoided. How, you ask?? FIELD NOTES.

FIELD NOTES is my new obsession. Simple, designed beautifully, and most of all, tres chic. It’s the perfect notebook for all of your ideas and inspirations, as well as to write down those witty remakes you create during brunch that you’re bound to forget. Seen in the hands of numerous editors during fashion weekmost notably on J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons. I mean, if Jenna’s a fan, I’m a fan.

Available at FIELD NOTES