Editor’s Pick: A $78 Version of Fendi’s Beloved Baguette Bag

Carrie Bradshaw wearing her Fendi Baguette bag.

Photo: HBO

I know I’m not the first fashion girl to complain that I can’t afford all the designer pieces that I want–but I’ll go there anyway. My particular weakness is designer bags, and none more so than the Fendi Baguette—the It-bag responsible for kicking off the entire It-bag phenomenon.

I first fell in love with its sleek, streamlined shape when Carrie started carrying hers on “Sex and the City.” One encounter that comes to mind is when she took a wrong turn downtown, was held-up at gunpoint, and asked to hand over her bag. “It’s a baguette,” she explained to the gunman, handing over her precious purple handbag.

It was the most beautiful thing my pre-teen eyes had ever seen–the flame had been lit, and I knew I needed this accessory in my life.

Carrie Bradshaw Robbed

Photo: HBO


Years have passed and over time my love for the Baguette took a backseat to fresh crushes and newer names–I flirted with Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim bags, and even fooled around with Kenzo for a season. But then, nearly a decade later, the Fendi Baguette made an irrefutable comeback in mid-2012, re-iussing its famed baguette in six of its most popular styles.

Fendi Baguette bag

Fendi Baguette Bag, $2,350; at My Theresa. Handbag, $79.90; at Zara

In 2014 that loves still lingers, but sadly my savings account hasn’t beefed up all that much since the mid ’90s, and a $2,350 handbag is still out of reach, financially speaking.

In the meantime, however, I have spotted a $79.90 iteration that looks to be inspired by Fendi’s famous streamlined design. Sure, it’s not exactly the same, but considering it’s about $2,200 cheaper, I’ll take it.

It’s in Zara stores right now, and will be on my arm tomorrow.