Trending Now: Feminist Embroidery for Your Home

Beth Stebner
Trending Now: Feminist Embroidery for Your Home
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My mom has been doing embroidery for as long as I can remember, meaning my childhood home was full of intricate needlepoint scenes and half-finished samplers. Though she tried to get me into making my own, it was never really my cup of tea, but that was before I discovered feminist embroidery.

Stay with me here. What makes it so weirdly delightful is how at odds it is—embroidery was something that most girls were taught in the 18th and 19th century as a pastime until they got husbands, but now, crafty ladies are taking the practice back. While all of the aesthetics of classic embroidering are there (tiny flowers, laurels, and patterns), quaint little texts about “Hearth and Home” have become more like “Smash the Patriarchy.”

It’s been having a big moment, especially on Etsy, where shops take quotes from anywhere and anywhere—including Maya Angelou, Jurassic Park,  and Parks and Recreation. The effect is something that’s equal parts empowering, charming, and, well, crafty—and something that would look awesome in your own home.

Check out a few of my favorites by clicking through.

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Hand-Embroidered Feminist Hoop Art, $50; at Etsy

Feminist Embroidery Hoop, $20; at Etsy

Hotline Bling, $34; at Etsy

Jurassic Park Hand Embroidered Hoop Art, $80; at Etsy

StitchCulture Parks & Rec “Ovaries Before Brovaries,” $36; at Etsy


Unbreakable Embroidered Hoop, $22; at Etsy

No Fuckboy, $24; at Etsy

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