13 Female Comedians on the Rise Who Will Make You Cry Laughing

13 Female Comedians on the Rise Who Will Make You Cry Laughing
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We all need a good laugh now and then. You survived Thanksgiving and Black Friday; it is time to unwind with some jokes. Whether you go to comedy shows every weekend or you have never even seen stand-up on a late-night talk show, these up-and-coming female comedians will leave you in tears.

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Comedy is tougher than people might think, and comediennes, while growing in traction, are nowhere close to being the majority in their industry. In 2017 in Chicago, a stand-up comedy hub that brought up the likes of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, it was found that men still booked the majority of shows over women. And after Louis C.K. was accused of sexual misconduct by fellow comediennes, female comics stood with each other. It is great to see how more seasoned professionals have paved the way for these new faces to perform in front of vast audiences. The voices are getting more diverse and more outspoken and funnier.

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All of these comedians have fewer than 250,000 Instagram followers but are hosting podcasts, on tour with celebrities such as Chris Rock, and writing new material for themselves or for shows like Saturday Night Live. Scroll through and watch all of the videos to get introductions to each comic’s style of comedy. Warning: You will laugh out loud, so get ready for the stares if you’re watching in a public place.

Aisling Bea

Bea is one of those comedians who leaves everyone mesmerized and gleefully confused. The Irish stand-up comic has a loud delivery about humiliating events that have happened to her, and her routines are smartly organized. Featured on season two of Netflix’s The Comedy Lineup, she talks about her laziness, Irishness, dating and sex life.

Emma Willmann

Willmann also appeared on the second season of The Comedy Lineup. The American openly lesbian comedian made her TV stand-up debut two years ago on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Her jokes are conversational and often include material about her sexuality, dyslexia and family.

Jamie Lee

Currently starring on Crashing on HBO, Lee is an author, actress and comedian also known for MTV’s Girl Code. Her stand-up is the type that you want to listen to on a night out with the girls. She talks about dating, marriage and babies in a way that makes you laugh at yourself because you know what she’s saying is true.

Michelle Buteau

Married to a Dutch husband with a complicated name (Gijs van der Most), Buteau is a powerhouse of a comedian. Her stand-up is poignant, of the times, flirty, sarcastic and satisfying to listen to. Catch her on her own podcast called Whenever and on her own episode of The Comedy Lineup. Watch out for her in the highly anticipated Paramount Network remake of First Wives Club, which is being released in January.

Sabrina Jalees

Host of My Sexy Podcast, Jalees is a Canadian openly lesbian comedian who is creating a show with Fox and Diablo Cody, called Hanging On. Her stand-up career has allowed her to perform in countries such as England and South Africa. Her material covers her sexuality and background with blunt timing and sarcasm that leaves crowds roaring.

Aparna Nancherla

Nancherla’s comedy is dry and whimsical. You might recognize her from the mystery-thriller A Simple Favor with Blake Lively. She jokes about being lazy, living in New York City and privilege in a way that leaves you thinking, Is it a joke? Is it a think piece? I’m sad, but I smiled.

Taylor Tomlinson

Tomlinson just finished a comedy tour with Conan O’Brien and also had her own episode of The Comedy Lineup on Netflix. Her stand-up is blunt, reflective and a tad dark, in the best way. Listen to her podcast Self-Helpless, where she, Delanie Fischer and Kelsey Cook give their hilarious takes on self-improvement.

Phoebe Robinson

Cohost of the Brooklyn-based podcast-turned-HBO-show, 2 Dope Queens, Robinson met her cohost, Jessica Williams, through Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, which hosts improv, sketch and stand-up comedy. She is also a New York Times best-selling author and just released her new book called Everything Is Trash, but It’s Okay. She talks and writes about interracial dating and meeting Oprah and Bono.

Sam Jay

Emmy nominated for her writing on Saturday Night Live, Jay also appeared on The Comedy Lineup, and she was on Michelle Buteau’s podcast, Whenever. The Boston native does stand-up that hits on racial stereotypes and American culture, and she spins topics in a way that everyone can understand, think more upon and laugh at.

Jenna Friedman

Friedman is a hilarious comic, who specializes in political satire with a punch. She tackles the patriarchy and sensitivity with a microphone. Disclaimer: Don’t watch her stand-up if you have very strong political views.

Janelle James

Also featured on The Comedy Lineup, James is a Caribbean-born comedian who was just on Chris Rock’s comedy tour, The Blackout tour. And she recently wrapped as a staff writer on BET’s The Rundown. Her stand-up is a mix of hilarious rants on things like how her breasts have changed and how she was raised by an ’80s dad obsessed with kung fu.

Dulcé Sloan

Sloan is a firecracker of a comic. She does stand-up on dating, lack of personal space and more. She is also a correspondent on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

Kate Willett

Willet’s style of comedy is a bit raunchier, and who doesn’t love that? She toured nationally and internationally with comedian Margaret Cho, and she was featured on The Comedy Lineup.