Felissimo Design’s 500 Colored Pencils set


Object Of Desire

Felissimo Design’s 500 Colored Pencils set, $33 for one set of 25 (additional sets are discounted according to quantity ordered), at 500pencils.socialdesigner.com

Reason #1

With 500 fun colors to choose from like mermaid’s gown, jabberwocky, and little red wagon, just eyeing this massive kaleidoscope of colors releases our inner child. It kind of makes us want to quit our day jobs and become professional colored pencil namers, too.

Reason #2

The Japanese design company has a long-standing history of philanthropic involvement with many organizations including the Felissimo Forest Fund, which has planted over 1,500,000 trees across the globe. So while you’re spending your hard earned money developing your inner artiste (or in our case, feeding our doodling habits) at least it will be supporting a good cause.

Reason #3

Felissimo’s 500 Colored Pencils set is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Because the pencils arrive in 25 piece installments each month, it’ll feel like Christmas come early…for 20 months straight. We’re not complaining.

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