Feeling FORM


I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Jerry Tam, Creative Director of FORM, right before his Spring 2009 show was to begin. As I suspected, the man was incredibly easy to talk to, humorous, and highly entertaining. Among other (more important) things, he told me that he was looking forward to “lots of drinks and partying” that night in celebration of the finished collection. A man after my own heart.

As for the clothes? They were beautiful–in keeping with his signature architectural aesthetic, the line was full of sculptural pieces mixed in with prettier, softer dresses and tops that draped along the body. In particular, I loved a snow-white cocktail dress with a neckline cut dangerously low that ended in a flowy, feminine chiffon-layered skirt. It was something I would be happy to wear to a party any night of the week.

Along with countless pretty little girl-about-town’s, I’ve been a fan of Tam since the inception of FORM (I remember running into no less than five girls wearing Tam’s designs at last fall’s Whitney Art Party) but it seems like his new collaboration with Tara Subkoff has inspired a softer, gentler shape and feel. I’m loving it.