Is Stardom Predicted By The Stars? These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Be Famous

Is Stardom Predicted By The Stars? These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Be Famous
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If horoscopes had superlatives, did you ever stop to wonder which zodiac signs might be voted Most Likely To Be Famous in high school? It’s a high honor, often awarded to a class’s most outgoing, theatrical or popular student, and it turns out the zodiac signs that are most likely to become famous aren’t all that surprising. Place your bets now, and let’s dive in and see if you’re right.

In his hit song “Fame”, iconic rocker David Bowie croons, “Could it be the best, could it be?” While opinions may vary, more than enough folks are determined to find out for themselves. These days, there are plenty of ways to achieve fame (talent, connections, a basic understanding of TikTok, just to to name a few) but possessing that innate “star power” quality is essential—and, to be frank, you either have it or you don’t.

We’re sure you’ve seen this star power energy in action before, like when Beyoncé performed at Coachella for thousands of cheering fans or poses in a photo that gains millions of likes instantly. Beyoncé doesn’t just shine when she’s showcasing her exceptional talents, though; it’s a safe bet that you could feel her magnetic, vibrant energy while she’s doing just about anything, from performing at the Superbowl Halftime Show to unloading the dishwasher. (Question: does Beyoncé unload her own dishwasher when she’s not busy creating timeless art? I’d happily do her dishes for her, if she asked.) 

Like Queen Bey, some people are simply born to be famous, and your zodiac sign can be extremely telling of whether or not you have that inexplicable sparkle. Maybe it’s the way you stay composed in front of large groups of people, or how you get manage to get countless comments on your seemingly mundane Instagram posts. Or, perhaps it’s your drive and determination to accomplish your goals, or that creative nature that just pours out of you and never runs dry.

Whatever it may be, we know that these four zodiac signs are definitely the most likely to be famous. Yes, Beyoncè’s sign is one of them. Naturally. 

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If an Aries feels that they’re meant to be famous, they won’t wait around for someone else to hand them their big break. Aries are strong-willed and proactive, often taking destiny in their own hands. They’re not afraid of hard work or the possibility of failure, which is why they’re always able to overcome obstacles on their journey to success.

Take Stefani Germanotta, for example: a Aries and former NYU student who studied music with dreams of becoming a star. Some of her peers mocked her for her big dreams, and even created a Facebook group called “Stefani Germanotta, you will never be famous.” Well, jokes on them, because Stefani Germanotta went on to become Lady Gaga, one of the most famous and successful pop stars of all time. Lady Gaga always commits to her ideas, whether it’s music direction, fashion, or persona (Do we all remember her alter ego Jo Calderone?). She’s calculated in her career and is always pushing herself creatively, and like a true Aries, she’s always looking for her next challenge, whether that’s acting in an Oscar-winning film, doing a Las Vegas Residency or starting her own beauty company.

Not only are Aries boundary-pushing, but they’re not afraid to change and adapt when necessary, qualities one often needs when a long, successful career in the public eye is the goal. When it comes to becoming famous, an Aries likely doesn’t need any advice; chances are, they’re already planning their route to success— and you shouldn’t underestimate them.

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With all this talk about Beyoncé, how could we not include Virgo on our list?! Virgos are natural leaders and decision-makers, and command attention with ease. And it’s not just Beyoncé, folks! Take TV personality and food writer Padma Lakshmi, for example. Whether she’s hosting another season of Top Chef or speaking about social justice issues on Twitter, her gravitating nature always commands attention, and leaves others eager to know what she’ll say or do next (and bonus, her restaurant recommendations are always on point).

Or, take Virgo actress Zendaya and the way she harnesses her energy when she’s dramatically posing at the Met Gala or thoughtfully responding in an interview. The key to the Virgo star power is that everyone is waiting to see what will happen next, and people are always eager to learn more and follow you without question.

You may see a link between some of our most famous Virgos: They don’t necessarily have to share their most initiate thoughts and feelings with their fans to keep their fame. Virgos, famous or not, tend to have an alluring air of mystery around them, as they tend to keep their most vulnerable selves protected, reserved only for those they trust the most. This is why it’s so exciting to get little glimpses into the personal lives of our favorite Virgos—we can love them without even expecting to truly know them, which is the truest reality of fame itself. 

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No matter what turn of events or career path leads you to fame, one thing is for certain, Sag: It takes your willingness to welcome the unknown, revel in adventure and appreciate all the twists and turns to truly thrive. This is why Sagittarius tend to thrive as celebrity figures; they’re not afraid of a few bumps in the road and are always down for what’s next.

Sagittarius have a thick skin and can handle the inevitable criticism that comes with being in the public eye. In fact, they often use that negative energy to fuel their work. A notable example of a Sag celeb is pop star/professional Easter-egg dropper Taylor Swift, who has received her fair share of scrutiny over the years. Taylor has always been vocal about her art-making process, and how negative feedback has driven her to make some of her most popular music. In her most recent album, Lover, she even wrote a song called The Archer, a reference to the Sagittarius symbol, in which she laments on the downsides of fame (She claims that it’s one of her favorite tunes on the album, BTW).

Unsurprisingly, Swift is joined by Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus as fellow Sagittarius ladies— all successful artists who have survived the ups and downs of fame and remained beloved in the public eye. A Sagittarius will not fear the difficult, uncertain sides of fame; they keep their inner circle close, take a deep breath and create their next chapter.

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Pisces are here to represent all those “doing it for the art” celebrities that we know and love. You know the type—they turn down the big blockbuster movie for smaller, well-written indie films (cough, Rashida Jones, cough) or spends years working on new art that speaks to their soul, despite their fans begging for updates (I’m talking about Rihanna, obviously. Will we ever get another album?!). But hey, that’s a Pisces for you! They fully commit themselves to what fulfills them, and their fans love and respect them for it.

Pisces have a natural way of making a meaningful connection with others, and are excellent at compartmentalizing parts of themselves that they are (or are not) willing to share. A Pisces can completely open up and appear raw and vulnerable while still keeping their most private thoughts and feelings protected. Still, Pisces naturally have a very grounded sense of self, and are almost incapable of faking their true essence (Google “Rihanna walking out of restaurants with a wine glass” if you want to see her genuine self. Trust me, it’s worth it!).

This is probably why Pisces are able to cultivate fame in the first place; fans are guaranteed to get something honest and unfiltered, and can easily form a deep connection with their idols. It’s the reason people who don’t even like makeup endure a crowded Sephora to snag the latest Fenty Beauty products— if we can’t have new music, we at least want something tangible that Rihanna has created and approved herself. Not to mention the fact that her products are pretty dang good, but you catch my drift.

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