These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Def The Most Likely To End Up On Reality TV

Brenna Lilly
These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Def The Most Likely To End Up On Reality TV
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Admit it: reality TV is kind of amazing. We get to watch dozens of unique lifestylesbillionaires, bachelors and the likeplay out in front of millions of people. While watching, I’m sure you’ve wondered what kinds of people could possibly want to be on these shows, haven’t you? Right off the top of my head, I can think of three zodiac signs most likely to be on reality TV with ease. Curious?

Even if you’re a TV-phobe (I respect it!), you’ve probably stumbled upon a clip or two from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, or seen a Bachelorette-inspired GIF on Twitter. Even though reality TV isn’t technically all that “real,” there’s something awesome about stepping into a star’s life for an hour every week, especially when the stars all have one thing in common: They love attention. Oh, and drama, too!

For these reasons, it’s no surprise that extroverts rule reality TV! They get their energy from just being on camera. When I think of this extreme extroversion, there are a few zodiac signs that jump out at me right away—but first, let me give you a bit of context before I name names.

These three signs are ruled by the Sun, Venus and Mercury, respectively. The Sun is big, bright and hot, just like our most extroverted sign (who will totally make it onto The Bachelor one day). Venus is sensual and loves being loved, making it the second most attention-grabbing star sign. Finally, Mercury makes us talktalktalk, making our third sign perfect for the silver screen (and a fun character for binge-watching!).

I love the energy of these three signs most likely to make it big on reality TV—oh, and no surprise, Kim K’s sign makes the cut. Obviously! 

STYLECASTER | Leo Zodiac Sign

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Leo, ruled by the Sun, is the sign most likely to make it big on reality TV. As a rule, Leos love to put on a show for others. If their sign wasn’t already that of the Lion, they’d be the sign of the peacock. In social circles, Leos are generally the ones grabbing their friends and dragging them (lovingly) onto the dance floor, encouraging them to have a good time.

However, they’re also some of the biggest drama queens of the zodiac. They’re the ones on the show inviting everyone over for cocktails, then somehow ending up in a screaming match about something petty. We still love them, though. 


STYLECASTER | Libra Zodiac Sign

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Libra is the runner-up for the sign most likely to make it on reality TV. While they’re not nearly as dramatic as Leos, Libras love everything luxurious and are notoriously spendy and picky. They’re one of the biggest hedonists in the zodiac, demanding brand-name everything, ordering the most expensive dish on the menu, and taking BFF vacations whenever possible.

Libras are ruled by Venus, whose energy controls wealth, sex and pleasure, so you can be sure that this sign loves to show off. Why not via their own show? They’re guaranteed to keep the viewers coming back for a peek at their indulgent lifestyle.


STYLECASTER | Gemini Zodiac Sign

Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.


Gemini is the third most likely sign to end up on your favorite reality show, because Gemini knows how to stir the pot. Gemini are probably the most notorious sign in the zodiac (right up there with Scorpio) because of their two-faced nature.

While the energy of the sign of Twins can project balance and friendliness, Gemini can also be cunning and deceptive when they don’t know how to use their strengths. This sign has “reality TV anti-hero” energy (think Alexandria from Top Model Cycle 16), but honestly? I’m here for it.

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