The Perfect Tarot Deck For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Bella Gerard
The Perfect Tarot Deck For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign
Photo: Courtesy of LaMuciDesign/Etsy.

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Whether you’re just getting into tarot cards or you’ve been reading them for years, I guarantee you find it hard to resist a cool new deck when you see one. Still, tarot cards are so purposeful, and you want to be intentional in your choices, which is why choosing your deck of tarot cards based on your zodiac sign is a great idea.

Think about it—your zodiac sign says so much about your personality, your values, your inner emotions and deepest desires. It makes total sense that you’d want a deck equipped to cater to all that and more! Of course, the specific tarot deck you choose won’t change your future or fate, but finding a deck that’s in line with your spiritual side will make your experience all the more fulfilling.

If you’re a logical Virgo, you might prefer a more straight-forward, classic tarot deck. You’re not looking for anything fancy! On the other hand, perhaps a creative, dreamy Pisces might gravitate towards a more aesthetically-pleasing deck, with beautiful designs on every single card.

At the end of the day, reading tarot cards isn’t about aesthetics at all, but having a deck you love might inspire you to dig deeper and explore your spiritual side. Traditionally, tarot cards are purchased for the user as a gift by someone else, so if you’ve got a friend with a birthday coming up or are looking for a holiday gift, find out their sign and surprise them with a deck that they’re guaranteed to vibe with. That said, if you do want to buy yourself a pack, we promise we won’t tell.

With that, read on for our top tarot card decks for each and every zodiac sign.

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Courtesy of esoTERRAca/Etsy.

Aries, you tend to dive headfirst into whatever you’re doing, so it’s no surprise you don’t want to wait for your tarot cards to arrive in the mail. This Printable Tarot Deck will assuage your desire for instant gratification.



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Courtesy of PixelOccult/Etsy.

Taurus, have you ever heard someone describe you as a dark horse? You might find yourself drawn to this Neon Moon Tarot Deck, with cyberpunk vibes reimagined in contrasting bright hues and inky black.



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Courtesy of Sterling Ethos.

Gemini, you do it all, babe, and that’s why you don’t have time for any basic, old-fashioned tarot deck. You need contemporary cards that can keep up with the times! The Modern Witch Tarot Deck is the answer to your payers.



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Courtesy of Clarkson Potter.

Cancer, you are so intuitive and compassionate, it’s no wonder you love reading tarot. Reading energies is totally your thing! Treat yourself to The Illuminated Tarot to further enlighten and inspire you as you embark on your soul-searching journey.



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Courtesy of Chronicle Books.

Cheery, playful Leo, you’ll get a kick out of this Cat Tarot Deck—although full disclosure, there are no lions included. Instead, enjoy fantastic feline illustrations and insights as you read your cards while guided by the wisdom of the cat. Purrfect.



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Courtesy of Us Games Systems Inc.

Virgo, you are too practical to bother with trendy, modern designs—you like classic cards that exist solely to serve their purpose. No nonsense! Go for The Rider Tarot Deck, the world’s most popular deck, drawn back in 1909.



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Courtesy of Chronicle Books.

Libras are all about balance and symmetry, so a deck of cards with an almost geometric artistic style is right up their alley. The Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck has beautiful illustrations any Libra will love.



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Courtesy of Laurence King Publishing.

Passionate, fearless Scorpio, you’re definitely intense, which is why you’ll love the edgy vibes of the Tattoo Tarot: Ink & Intuition deck. The cards are decorated with vintage tattoo-inspired designs, so they definitely fit your aesthetic.



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Courtesy of The Wild Unknown.

Sagittarius, you’re all about chasing adventure, so there’s no doubt you’ll love this tarot deck that’s all about The Wild Unknown. Beautifully illustrated, this deck comes with a guidebook and keepsake box. Look to these cards to guide you as you determine your next adventure or quest.




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Courtesy of LaMuciDesign/Etsy.

Capricorn, you’re goal-oriented and disciplined, so you deserve cards that add a bit of beauty into your strenuous routine. You won’t entertain anything too frilly, so the beautiful gold and black design of this Tarot Card Deck is right up your alley.



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Courtesy of WitchyWomanWorkshop/Etsy.

Although some might be fooled by your name, you’re not a water sign, Aquarius. You’re an air sign! Still, you’re represented by the water bearer, so you do have a deep connection with the sea. The oceanic illustrations on this Mermaid Tarot Deck will thrill and delight you.



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Courtesy of thevanmystic/Etsy.

Dreamy, creative Pisces, you want a tarot deck as beautiful and inspiring as you hope your reading will be. Invest in The Star Seeker Tarot Deck, beautifully designed to fit your ethereal aesthetic.


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