You’d Never Guess The Most Common Sign In The Entire Zodiac

Brenna Lilly
You’d Never Guess The Most Common Sign In The Entire Zodiac
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Whether you’re an astrology expert or just a casual fan of the CoStar app, it’s likely that you’ve asked your friends, family, and romantic partners what their signs are. And, if you’ve been paying close attention, perhaps you’ve already noticed which zodiac sign is the most common of all. If you guessed our dear friend Virgo, you’d be right!

According to a study reported on by Time, the most common days to give birth fall between September 9 and September 20, and as any good astrology fan knows, that’s prime Virgo time! Virgo season falls between August 22 and September 21 (though different astrologers sometimes chart the dates slightly differently), so based on birthday commonality, there’s a somewhat higher-than-average chance that you, your best friend, your mom, or your S.O. is a Virgo.

Since they’re so common, Virgos get a bad rap for being a bit basic, but that’s something we like about them. Virgo, your earth sign nature keeps you grounded and helps you stay emotionally and mentally collected. That said, you’re rather picky about your likes and dislikes and controlling your lifeand, lets be honest, the lives of people around you. Sound familiar?

Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury, the cosmic king of communication, speed, and wit. This planetary influence is where most Virgos get their quick temper from, which can be frustrating to deal with if they don’t know how to remediate these effects. However, if Virgos learn to get in touch with this mercurial energy and channel it properly, they have the potential to become profoundly impactful scholars and activists.

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Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Because of the influence of Mercury, Virgos are excellent communicators. Don’t get me wrong, you Virgo folks can be tricky to work with when you have your mind set on achieving something, but people should always have a Virgo on their sideyou’re tenacious butt-kickers and know how to get your point across with efficacy and ease.

If you need a community leader, a Virgo is perfect for the job. They fit naturally into any role that helps them build others up. Because it’s an earth sign, Virgos have a natural “rooted-ness” about them that encourages others to find solid ground and grow where they’re planted. This makes Virgos great social workers, nurses, therapists, and protest leaders. 

Even though you’re the most common sign, Virgo, you’re unique because of your versatile nature. Though you may not feel as mysterious as Scorpio or as fun-loving as Leo, you’re essential to the well-being of your social sphere and community. Without your earthy, hardworking, encouraging attitude, we’d all be struggling to keep ourselves from floating into space—or worse, descending into chaos. 

Virgo, we love you, no matter how ~common~ you are.

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