These Zodiac Signs Make The Worst Enemies, So Don’t Cross Them

These Zodiac Signs Make The Worst Enemies, So Don’t Cross Them
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While it may not be the healthiest aspect of our lives, let’s be honest: everyone has enemies. There are different types, of course—perhaps it’s one-sided, like an influencer you can’t help but hate-stalk on Instagram. Or maybe it’s a frenemy, an old friend or colleague with whom you exchange pleasantries and humble-brags through gritted teeth. None of these compare to a true, passionate enemy, though, and I’m here to give you a heads-up: If you’re looking to avoid confrontation, you should know that these four zodiac signs make the worst enemies. Should you you find yourself on any of their bad sides, you may want to run for the hills. Just a thought!

This is not the type of enemy that goes away after a shared bottle of wine and some honest conversation, dear reader. No, this is the type of enemy that sticks. A TrueWorstEnemy™ (OK, not a real trademark) will send a shiver down your spine when they post a smiling selfie, or make your heart skip a beat when you’re spinning at their usual SoulCycle studio. Their presence is felt when they’re not even around, and all your friends know you don’t want to associate with this person anymore. 

It never feels great to have an enemy (negative thinking will never get you clear skin!), but hey, at least it keeps things interesting, right? Without further ado, here are the top four zodiac signs that make the worst enemies.



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The symbol that represents the Taurus is the raging bull, but if you think that equates to a dramatic screaming match or a full-out brawl with your enemy, think again. While the Taurus is capable of carrying lots of rage, they are even more capable of storing it away, letting it show only through passive-aggressive behavior.

What makes a Taurus a truly terrible enemy is that they refuse to acknowledge outright that they’re your enemy at all, even if you both know it’s true. A Taurus will greet an enemy with a tight lipped-smile and make pleasant conversation, refusing to acknowledge any tension whatsoever and leaving you especially on edge. Fueding with a Taurus feels like playing racquetball instead of tennis: they won’t volley harsh words back and forth with you, so you’re left swatting your anger at the wall. 

And just when you begin to think you’ve made the whole thing up in your head, a friend will ask if you were invited to the group hangout in the park. No, you were not, but you know who sent out invites, don’t you? Taurus, of course! The genius of a Taurus is that they know this will get back to you. Touché. 



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You’ll almost be entertained by a Cancer enemy’s sheer theatricsalmost. If you find yourself rivaling a Cancer, brace yourselves for a whirlwind of emotions pointed directly at you.

It will be difficult to initially understand what the heck is happening—perhaps, after the initial falling out, they take you to drinks and beg for a truce, dabbing at crocodile tears with a bar napkin. Then later, when you think the sour days of your enemy are behind you, you find out they’ve been spreading hateful gossip and ill will all over town, trying to collect as many mutual friends as they can to build a verbal barricade against you.

When you reach out, a Cancer enemy’s texts will likely range from venomous to apologetic (then, back to venomous again). The back-and-forth between you and your enemy will feel like a rollercoaster ride that you can’t get off, but we promise it won’t last forever.

Cancers tends to fixate on a sole enemy, so soon enough, the drama will be over and they’ll move on to another target. That said, if you spot them at your local coffee shop, you may want to go to the place down the street with the stale muffins. Trust us, it’s worth the sacrifice. 



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A scorpio’s fury is unsettlingly quiet, much like their hair-raising scorpion symbol. You fear their stinger and sharp claws, but the pain is not even the worst part—it’s the waiting, the knowing that it’s coming. If you find yourself at a standstill with an unrelenting Scorpio, you’d better not blink, or you’ll feel their wrath before you know what hits you. 

Scorpios won’t go around pretending everything is fine. if you’re an enemy, they’ll treat you as such, but they won’t add any showy pomp and circumstance to your feud. Their plan of attack will be swift and calculated. Perhaps you’re greeted at a job interview by a cold, uninterested interviewer, only to find out later that she’s friends with your enemy, who made it clear that you wouldn’t be a “good fit” (ouch).  Or, maybe you find out that the guy that ghosted you after a few lovely dates has been spotted around town with—guess who?—your enemy, and they’re already in talks of moving in together.

No, you never have time to defend yourself against the stinger of the Scorpio, because once you’ve realized they’re your enemy, you’ve already been stung. 



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If you find yourself in a long-term squabble with a Sagittarius, it’s likely you had no interest in being involved in a sparring match at all. A Sagittarius is sensitive and gets their feelings hurt easily, which can often result in a deep-seated grudge that you didn’t even realize was forming.

Perhaps you made a joke at their expense while tipsy at happy hour, or didn’t think to invite them on a last-minute long-weekend trip. All it takes is one little miscommunication or insensitive moment to put you on a Sag’s Naughty List for good, and no number of apologies or kind gestures can make them forgive and forget. 

If you feel the urge to complain about this feud to your loose-lipped friends, think again, naive readerif it gets back to your enemy, it will only add lots( and lots) of fuel to the flickering fire. A Sagittarius often wants a bit of privacy when it comes to their grievances, and bringing attention to the petty problems that exist between the two of you will make them feel shameful, then spiteful.

The best thing you can do to end a feud with a Sag? Wait until they decide it’s over, and then never, ever, make fun of their Crocs again. 

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