Put Your Bestie To The Test—These Zodiac Signs Make The Best Friends

Brenna Lilly
Put Your Bestie To The Test—These Zodiac Signs Make The Best Friends
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Have you ever gotten along with someone so well, it felt as though the stars had aligned? That kind of compatibility doesn’t happen by chance, of course—some zodiac signs are destined to be best friends. Are you and your new BFF super-compatible? Let’s find out.

If you’re even the slightest bit interested in astrology, you’ve probably done a quick Google search of how compatible you and your new crush or long-term partner are. That can be super fun (not to mention hella informative), but would you do the same for your new friend crushes? It can often be more important to determine astrological compatibility with friends over with romantic partners.

Sometimes, even a friendship with tons of potential can just fizzle out. We all know what it’s like: you go for a coffee with someone you met at work or through a mutual friend, you have a little chit chat, and even though the person seems super cool in theory, the conversation feels forced and awkward. Yikes. You don’t even dislike the person—you just don’t mesh, and your plans to meet up again will definitely fall through.

On the other hand, sometimes you take a new person out on a friend-date and everything just flows. You’re cracking jokes, talking about how you both love some super-obscure French novel and immediately making plans for your next meet-up that same week. There’s a good chance that person’s astrological chart is compatible with yours—my advice when this happens? Keep them around.

If you’re trying to expand your friend group and or just want to know if you and your new friend have potential bestie energy, check out these the zodiac pairings that make the best BFFs below.


Pisces + Cancer

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These two dreamy, intuitive water signs support each other’s softness. Pisces and Cancer are the kind of best friends who know how to relax together. Pisces are stereotyped as the bubble bath-taking, white wine-drinking softies of the zodiac, while Cancers are stereotyped as the mommas of the astrological wheel. Individually, they can get lost in their feelings (ex. weeping at surprise proposal videos instead of working), but together, Pisces and Cancer excel at take care of one another.

This pair is a-okay with staying in and having a lovely, low-key dinner, just the two of them. Pisces hold emotional space and encourage Cancer’s spiritual and intellectual growth, while Cancer takes care of domestics (she’ll probably do your dishes) and enforces strong, loving boundaries for Pisces. A match made in BFF heaven!


Taurus + Libra

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While the last water-sign duo know how to relax and restore themselves, this pair knows how to party, and they’re damn good at it, too! Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus, the planet of sex, indulgence and money, and both of these signs loooove all three, so they complement one another perfectly.

If you’re ever at a house party with Taurus and Libra as the hosts, be prepared to stay out late—they keep the drinks flowing. You can catch Libra playing hostess, showing people around their new apartment while Taurus plays bartender for the whole squad. Taurus will probably spend the entire night mixing their signature drink for the occasion, even if it’s for only a handful of people. These BFFs seriously need to start a party-planning biz together.


Aries + Capricorn

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These two signs are a powerful duo. While the last pair of Venusian hedonists like to indulge, Aries and Capricorn keep each other on their toes in all things business and career. You just know that these two love bringing each other to conferences, networking events and TEDTalks by their favorite motivational speakers.

Not only do Aries and Capricorn make great BFFs, but they also make great business partners, too. This pair is driven and they thrive off each other’s energies—Aries is the fire under Capricorn’s behind, while Capricorn’s grounded earth sign energy keeps Aries from going off the rails. Catch these two investing together and saving up for their next vacation. These are the BFFs that are going to take over the world one day, trust me.

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