14 Weird Sex Toys You Have To See To Believe

Maggie Griswold
14 Weird Sex Toys You Have To See To Believe
Photo: Courtesy of Lelo; Goosheep; Aksore; Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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We didn’t consider our attitudes toward sex particularly vanilla—until right this very moment. Once we started doing some research on sex toys, we realized that we lived in somewhat of a sexual bubble. Even if you find yourself taking risks (and rewards) in the bedroom, there are some sex toys available that might surprise—or, if we’re honest, confuse—even the most sexually adventurous people. Whatever your level of sexual education (and no, not the kind you got in school or the Netflix show), though, some of these weird sex toys aren’t as scary as they might seem.

We don’t need to tell you that there are some pretty interesting preferences out there—and we’re not here to judge what people like and dislike in the bedroom. We’re here just to let you ~know~ that there are some seriously interesting sex toys on the market—but some aren’t as strange as they may seem. From egg-shaped personal massagers to golden dildos that look like they belong in an art gallery, some of these toys you truly have to see to believe. And maybe try out IRL to truly believe!

Whether you have a partner with whom you’ve been wanting to try something new, have an itch you’d like to scratch or are already extremely adventurous in bed, there’s a toy out there for you to try (and hopefully enjoy). The key is to not take everything super seriously and just have fun. Hopefully, some of these weird sex toys will allow you to do just that.

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STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys | clone-a-willy

Courtesy of Clone—A-Willy.


You can use this Clone-A-Willy to create the perfect treat while your partner’s away. Long-distance couples, this gift is for you!


STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

Courtesy of Aksore.

Steel Fetish Plug


This butt plug
comes in a ton of colors for the gem, so take your and “propose” it to your partner ring-style.


STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

Courtesy of LYNX.

Pony Tail

To be honest, a lot is going on with this butt plug
. Yes, it’s whimsical, but you don’t have to use your ~imagination~ to get the picture!



STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

Courtesy of Goosheep.

Funny Sex Dice Game

Spice up your time in the bedroom with this sexy dice game
, which features body parts, positions and more.




STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

Courtesy of Adesso.

Tenga Easy Beat Egg Male Masturbator

These egg toys
don’t even look like sex toys, but they’ll definitely get you hard(boiled)!


STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

Courtesy of Fleshlight.

Go Stamina Training Unit STU

Yes, I know this toy is graphic, but a classic fleshlight is perhaps the original Weird Sex Toy, so it deserves a spot on the list.


STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

Courtesy of Fashion First Aid Store.

Kitty Carpet

Yes, this private-parts toupee
technically is a merkin. A furry red merkin.


STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

Courtesy of Bewild.

Candy G-String

This toy
is the perfect combo of sweet and sexy. Just make sure you don’t have to have it on for too long before the big reveal!


STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys | lasso sex toy


Adjustable Flesh Loop

For all your cowboy-lovers out there, this adjustable flesh lasso
is for you. What’s that about saving a horse and riding a cowboy again?


STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

Courtesy of Lennvan.

Anal Plug with Long Tail

This furry anal plug
is clearly made for a very specific type of play. Do you, furries!


STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys | cock soap

Courtesy of Gears Out.

Cock Soap

Scrub-a-dub-dub with this clean (but dirty) cock soap
, perfect for a steamy post-sex shower sesh.


STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

Courtesy of Pipedream.

Oral Sex Candy

This oral sex candy
is a treat in every sense of the word.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys | duck with a dick

Courtesy of SPF.

Duck with a Dick

This duck with a dick
is exactly what it sounds like. And no, I also can’t believe it exists.


STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

Courtesy of Lelo.

The Earl

The Lelo Earl is a luxury pleasure object for penis-owners, available in silver or 18K gold plate. If you don’t think a $2590 dildo is weird, then my apologies.

A version of this story was originally published in June 2014.

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