5 Solar Eclipse Rituals To Help You Harness That New Moon Magic

5 Solar Eclipse Rituals To Help You Harness That New Moon Magic
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When you think of astrology, predictions and forecasts of events that might happen in the future come to mind. Often, there is little mention of how to arm yourself with the knowledge to maximize (or minimize) these predictionsto harness their energy and make the most of that magic, which is a shame. Engaging in rituals tied to the eclipse season, such as solar eclipse rituals, can help you maximize potent cosmic energy.

Why are the surrounding rituals not as frequently-discussed as the astrological events themselves? Perhaps it’s because we tend to want to know our horoscopes and what the future holds, but aren’t always as interested in owning our contributions towards them. Taking responsibility is a daunting step. Some might even struggle with making the connection to our ability to influence the future at all. But perhaps the true gift of astrological predictions lies not in just accepting them as fate, but in our ability to activate our free will and use that energy as you would use the current when navigating a boat out at sea: to propel you forward.

What if our true power lies in our ability to use astrological forecasts as a force to start making our own magic, instead of waiting for the magic to happen to us? If this resonates with you and you are ready to start riding the flow of universal energy, there’s no better time to start this journey than during eclipse season.

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Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

What if our true power lies in our ability to use astrological forecasts as a force to start making our own magic, instead of waiting for the magic to happen to us?

Eclipse season is a time of change. It’s marked by at least one full moon eclipse (to allow you the gift of release and culmination) and one new moon eclipse (to receive and nurture your intentions). Every once in a while, we get another new moon or full moon eclipse as a bonus, but the two first are all you really need to propel you into the next six months of forward momentum.

The entire time period of cosmic energy surrounding eclipse season lasts about six to eight weeks and comes around two times per year. Charged with the air of growth, it is by creating rituals for yourself that you are able to tap deeper into the season’s energy and maximize its gifts. 

A new moon solar eclipse is especially remarkable. It’s during this time that you can dream your biggest dreams and set your most powerfully-charged intentions. Instead of waiting for something new to start, this is the time to take charge, raise your vibrations and send beams of energy out into the universe that scream, “I’m ready!”

Below, our top five new moon solar eclipse rituals you can do for any solar eclipse when you’re ready to take your intentions to the next level. If you feel compelled, combine all of these individual rituals into one super ritual to take your intention to the next level! Just be sure to do it all in a sacred space that you can spend time in daily. Happy manifesting!

1. Make a List

One of the easiest ways to maximize a new moon solar eclipse is by putting pencil to paper and writing down what you desire. Yes, that’s it. What do you want to create over the next six months? Or better yet, what do you want your life to look like in the next six months? Write it all down, every detail you can think of. You can focus this on a specific aspect of your life or go broad.

Think of this list like a brainstorm or data dump of what’s important for you right now. At the end of your list, add “or something better.” The goal of this list is to make your intentions known and tangible. Putting them on paper takes them out of your mind and into the real world. Then, leave it to the universe to take them off the paper and turn them into exactly what you hoped for—or something more.

2. Set an Intention

Intention-setting is far from vague. The act of writing a specific, concise, present-tense intention is beyond magical. Why? Because your unconscious mind is processing every single thing, little or big, that you do. And, your unconscious mind cannot differentiate between what you say is real and what is actually real. It can’t judge you or tell you what you are or are not capable of. It only processes! Take advantage of this, especially during a solar eclipse, by programming it to believe that whatever you desire is already yours, and act accordingly.

Pick an intention, decide the date you would like to have it manifested by and write it as if it has already happened. An example would be “Finding and buying my first apartment in Gramercy Park, or a better neighborhood for me, by September 1, 2021 is fun and easy”. Commit to writing your intention at least once a day until your deadline, then watch your vibes rise and the opportunities pour in in alignment with exactly what you wrote.

3. Vision Board

Making a vision board isn’t just a fun activity isn’t just for a night in. Taking the time out to find and arrange images that resonate with you starts to show your unconscious that all you want can be found in the world and can fit into your life. It is also incredibly powerful because once you have completed it, you will have a visual representation of your intentions that you can see every single day.

The impact of your unconscious mind seeing those images daily is almost unimaginable. Not only are you programming your mind to seek and be more open to those images on the regular, but you are also becoming more comfortable with seeing yourself aligned with those images. There aren’t many rules for vision-boarding, aside from having fun and picking photos that make your heart sing!

4. Light a Candle

Intentional candle-lighting has been a thing for centuries and almost all religions use this sacred ritual as a part of their practices. The reason for this is the transmutation of a candle going from a solid object to just some melting wax. It’s nothing short of magical! Many believe that by assigning your intention to something physical and then transmuting it into the ethers, you are sending a clear message to the universe.

On the next Solar Eclipse, spend a few moments visualizing what it feels like to accomplish your intention. Hold the candle
to your heart while you are imagining yourself winning in life and visualize until you are filled with gratitude and joy, as if it has already happened. When you are ready, light your candle. All that’s left for you to do is let it burn out on its own and expect your intention to come true.

5. Create a Crystal Grid

A crystal grid is a magical tool that requires a few crystals symmetrically arranged over a sacred geometric symbol. Sacred geometry is used as many believe it represents the building blocks of our universe. In particular, the Seed of Life symbol is often used in a grid because it represents the seed or starting point of all things in existence. By choosing crystals that align with your intentions and arranging them along the grid, you are able to supercharge your intentions and send them out into the universe like a beacon (Think: the Batman light!) calling your intention to you.

Once you have arranged your desired crystals on your grid
, you can then use your fingers to connect all the crystal energy together, activating the grid. Feel free to write your intention and place it next to or beside the grid as well. Lastly, remember to spend some time each day feeding your intention with positive energy and thoughts, and cleanse your crystal grid weekly. You can take the grid down once your intention has been achieved.

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